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14 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

7:15 this morning. Walked from the west end to the east end and all the way back to the main gate before I picked up Richardson. He said Morning, I said Morning, he tried to engage me in talk which I refused. When I got over the west underpass, I looked back and no Richardson. They no doubt knew I had more deposition today.

The depo (started at 1:40 and ran after 6 pm) was intersting for how much time (at $490 per hour) Rosen spent on stuff which is trivia, postings of mine as far back as two years ago.

But it is really apearent that this stuff get right into (*)'s shorts and causes him extreme orfice itch. Nice to get the feedback on what works. I am going to get this deposition and post the choice parts.

The Xenu flyers in the cult compound got high billing. Also every single posting had the Xenu's redacted. Yea Ghods fellows, it ain't a secret any more. (But this kind of behavior convinces me that they would not be able to stay in CW if the name was changed to Xenu City.)

They are extremely concerned with how much money I get from net people. I mean like entirely nuts on the subject.

Warren McShane was there, keeping an eye on Sandy Rosen. McShane looks rested and in far better shape than Hoden or Rinder (last time I saw him). He said not a word, but clearly knew about Stacey Moxon. Why he seemed pleased is completely beyond me, perhaps there is a power struggle between McShane and Moxon. Or, who knows, perhaps (*) is losing it and Warren thinks he can grab the reins.

I mentioned that they should make me the offer they give Dennis if they want me out of their hair. Not that I would necessarily take it, but you have to *get* a multi million dollar offer to have virtue in refusing it. Warren looked interested, Rosen called it extortion.

Something I missed from two days ago. Over the east underpass, Richardson tripped on a rock and went down. That's twice. I get the impression he falls often enough to be good at it.

I probably don't do myself any legal good by posting my adventures with the cult of Space Cooties, but I am driven by other considerations.

Keith Henson


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