Scientology Crime Syndicate

13 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com> wrote:

> They are extremely concerned with how much money I get
> from net people. I mean like entirely nuts on the subject.

Xenu Hell, Xenu the Xenu Scientology Xenu crooks Xenu should Xenu be Xenu _more_ Xenu upset Xenu with Xenu the Xenu funding Xenu you Xenu get Xenu from fellow Xenu Scientologists Xenu Xenu (Ha!) who Xenu support Xenu your Xenu desire Xenu to Xenu reform Xenu the Xenu cult. Xenu.

I mentioned that they should make me the offer they give Dennis if they want me out of their hair. Not that I would necessarily take it, but you have to *get* a multi million dollar offer to have virtue in refusing it. Warren looked interested, Rosen called it extortion.

<rofl!> Because the crooks know damn well that every damnn penny would immediately go to funding the reformation of their own criminal cult.

Setting up another office of the Lisa McPherson Trust right down the road from the crook's armed and fortified compound would be the first order of business for any well-funded good guy.

Something I missed from two days ago. Over the east underpass, Richardson tripped on a rock and went down. That's twice. I get the impression he falls often enough to be good at it.

Did the insane nut pretend to be mortally wounded by Bob Minton? }:-}

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