Scientology Crime Syndicate

12 Jul 2000


Susan Q. MacDonald is a Scientologist who has just announced, as part of her Doubt formula, that she no longer wishes to be part of the organization that calls itself the Church of Scientology.

I invite everyone to read her announcement at

In it she details many abuses that are ongoing within that organization, abuses with which I am personally familiar because they have not changed since I was in Scientology. I applaud her courage in breaking with RTC, knowing as she does that her public announcement could subject her to harassment and intimidation.

Susan and I do not have the same point of view about the tech at all. She still feels that the tech is valuable; I do not. Several months ago, when she and I corresponded about her investigation of RTC's management practices, I made sure she knew that our views are very different. Susan did understand that, but she also understood that regardless of what our differences might be, we do agree completely on one thing: the abuse and deception that is rampant in the Church of Scientology must end.

There is one other thing upon which we wholeheartedly agree: we both have the inalienable right to our own opinions and to voice our opinions freely, without fear of reprisal from Scientology's enforcement arm.

As Susan herself said at the end of her announcement, "May the day come when all may speak freely and associate freely without the influence of RTC and the fear of losing one's comm lines through intimidation."



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