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13 Jul 2000

I just read Stacy Brooks' excellent perspective on auditing, which explains what it feels like to be a Scientologist and how someone can get suckered further into a cult like that.

Stacy explained how it happens, and this story, while an amazing hoot, also gives a serious example of the sort of behavior this leads to.

From: tfcvp@aol.com (TFC VP)
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Subject: 12/15/98 Stories from the Carpet Dudes
Date: 16 Dec 1998 03:08:56 GMT
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Well, the Totally Fun Company is getting re-carpeted (rehab of a 100 yr old building) and , as luck would have it, the guys laying our carpet also laid the carpet at the Fort Harrison.

The stories they told!

First, they were hired to lay carpet between the hours of 11PM to 7 AM, so as not to interfere with the parishoners. As it turned out, there was a painting crew working at the same time...a group, they described as wearing dark boiler suits,weren't allowed to talk and didn't look too happy. (??)

The problem began when the "painters" were getting in the way of the carpet dudes (wogs at cause?) and their paint was getting all over the carpet AND the dudes. The head carpet dude complained to the "painters" to please stop and get out of their way. The painters weren't allowed to acknowledge the carpet dudes, so they just kept painting. The head carpet dude made several attempts to communicate his need for them to cease...all attempts failed. The head carpet dude got very irate and told his fellow carpet dudes to gather their tools, they were leaving.

As the carpet dudes started heading downstairs, they were met by the "head dude of the Ft. Harrison"(a guy named Tom) who asked them why they were leaving....insisting that they had to stay and finish. Head carpet dude explained the situation. Head dude of the Ft H. "went off" and ran back upstairs, chased the "painters" downstairs and out the door, where he ordered them to run around the Ft. H for over an hour. (Keep in mind this was 3:15 in the AM)

The carpet dudes freaked out in disbelief while they watched the painters run and run around and around.

This was not the end of the adventures of the carpet dudes.

The carpet dudes saw alot of "running" while they were there. They were working in a hallway where some girls in dark blue kept running back and forth. The head carpet dude told them they would have to stop because he was about to slosh on a batch of glue. The girls ignored him and continued running in and out. (Once again, this is the middle of the night.) So the head carpet dude warned them in a loud tone that when he put that big batch of glue down, it would be dangerous and insisted that they stop running in and out. Once again they would neither acknowledge him or stop the running. He said "screw it" and poured the glue out all over the hallway. Within moments, the girls came running through and sure as heck, they ALL slipped and slided across and through the glue, sprawling everywhere in the middle of the goo. The carpet dudes couldn't believe it and tried to help them up..but unfortunately, the glue was tacky and a few of the girls got glued to the floor. They were covered in glue and the carpet dudes were incredulous (as only carpet dudes can be).

It appears that a couple of the staffers that the carpet dudes met tried to "reg" them....offering them the ability to leave their bodies. (You'd have to see these carpet dudes to see the humor in this). But after listening to this pitch for about a half hour, the head carpet dude said "Look, do me a favor, if you decide to leave your body while we're here, just let me know when you come back! "

There were many of these colorful stories as told by the carpet dudes, including the one where they are asked to take courses en lieu of payment for their work. That didn't seem to go over really well with the carpet dudes so they took the money instead.

Who'd have thunk we'd end up with the infamous Ft. Harrison carpet dudes.


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