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19 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

I came down to Hemet yesterday, but the press of other entheta (and the heat) kept me from getting in a picket. I suspect they were seriously disrupted anyway, just from the nearby presence of an SP.

This morning I was out at 6:40 for an hour and came back about 9 for another 45 minutes. No thugs following me this morning. They took the black plastic off the tree planters and the 40 plants in two gallon cans stacked around the trees over the east underpass are dead or dying. Also most of the hedge plants which attempt to block the view from (*)'s house look bad.

I saw Ken Hoden this morning as he was walking across the plaza toward the west underpass. He said something to me, but traffic noise kept me from hearing it. I saw him at a distance, but it looked like he was in better shape than the last time, i.e., his face was not the pasty white. On the other hand, maybe he has been running around a pole and got some sun that way.

I have become so used to the west underpass not being used that I was not even looking at the stairs which go up the hill to the north of the road as I walked by. An older, grey haired woman called out to me. And when I looked that direction she said I should *not* be there. It *was* kind of hot by that time, but I don't think she was concerned about my health. She just insisted over and over like a broken record that I should not be there and then went stomping up the stairs.

The OSHA people don't want to hear about chain lockers, so I guess they would not be interested in a pattern of leaving covers off either. I have seen four or five examples of lids being left off at gold base. This morning I put two of them (right on the road) back on.

I have held off on complaining to Ken Hoden about the weeds along the road but they are getting ridiculous. Some of them are over 5 feet tall, and you just have to get those tumbleweeds out before they go to seed. Long as I am complaining, the open ditches for sprinklers behind the curb on the west end should be filled. They have been open since I started picketing in May. Think about the liability if someone broke a leg. Also, Ken, you should get the sandpile moved off the edge of the north side of the road, and fill and smooth out the mess where Richardson took a spill just east of the west entrance on the south side of the road.

Back out this afternoon.

Keith Henson,
Reporting from the Hemet front.


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