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19 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

It is really too hot to picket through the middle of the day--but we had a mid day adventure anyway. Turns out that the neighbors have been watching the PIs who are watching Ida's place (where I stay in Hemet) much like my neighbors do in Palo Alto--or maybe even more since Ida lives in a retirement community and this is the most exciting thing which has happened around this neighborhood in a *long* time. We were out switching some cars around in the driveway and I decided to go check out the PIs and give them a Xenu flyer. I wound up behind one of them and they tried to get away.

Jeeze, from the effort they went to you would think I was going to take their heads off and freeze them. They even tried the trick of going around a corner and pulling into a driveway hoping I would lose them. They finally went north on Kerby and hit a dip so fast that their heads must have banged the roof of the car. No use, a long red light at Florida (Hwy 74) let me catch up. I got their license number, California 4LHP 287, in the Walmart parking lot then let them go.

Say, guys, next time stop and let's talk. I'm sure we can work something out. It's really too hot in Hemet to do surveillance from a car in the middle of the day. We could all spend the afternoon over in an air conditioned pizza place. Or you could, and I could give you a call before going over to gold base for a picket.

Keith Henson
Reporting from the (increasingly weird) Hemet front


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