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20 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

After a short night I was out again at 7 am. I got thugs again and taped them. They kept up an intermittent chatter while I said only one sentence. It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud at some of the odd distortions of things out of my past. I will only give one example, Dora Kent. Dora was a case where a clueless Riverside coroner got carried away and charged my cryonics organization. The funny part is that associating *me* with this event is totally silly because the Dora Kent events happened before I got active in cryonics (as anyone who reads Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition would see).

Thug 2 was more active today, getting in front of me and slowing so much that I had to step out in the road to get by him. I have some photos of him too close. They also tried to block me taking photos of the largely empty plaza. I can tell when I am way to the east of the plaza (near the main gate) that there are lots of people crossing the plaza and going into the underpass. But when I get there, very few people can be seen on either side of the road. I suspect they are huddling in the underpass till they get the all clear signal that I have moved on. OTs, heh.

I put in an hour, left heading into town, stopped on the far end and got out a sign. I gave Richardson and thug 2 just enough time to run up to the main gate and get a ride and then left.

Shopping and other entheta kept me busy the rest of the morning.

I will say that a remarkable number of local ministers have been discussing the cult of Xenu lately. This might have something to do with a certain person who mails a lot. Of course, when the ministers start talking, some of the most amazing stories come out. One of them, Bob Beckett from Dwelling Place tells of phone taps (RF kind) which were found on both the church phone and his residence. Another tells that it took less than half an hour from the time I visited his office to an agent of scientology showing up and trying to get an interview with him. Whatever scientology has been trying to do, it seems to have had the effect of giving me an astonishing level of credibility among the local minsiters. Keep it up fellows.

They are still loading Ida's neighborhood with PIs. I mostly ignore them unless they get to obvious and then I chase them to get license numbers. Incidentally, the license from yesterday was indeed a PI outfit. I am going to call them before putting the name on the net.

There is one other item which I should mention. The rental car company I have been using put me on the refuse to rent to list. Why? They had no problem with payment and I never even scratched a car. But every time I rented, they got several phone calls asking about me, last time a woman came in asking about me, sometimes people call up claiming to be me who are not, and (according to national customer service) the Ontario police called. The last was easy to check out, records at the police dept in Ontario has no records with my name, so the chances are that they were scammed by the scientologists. Company name in a later post after more investigation.

Keith Henson


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