Scientology Crime Syndicate

18 Jul 2000


Interestingly, Fashanu is no longer present anywhere for any meetings as the Scientology crooks continue to shed their masks. He is in fact persona-non-grata with most key Nigerians. Apart from asking for money, the Scientology PI's are also threatening some key Nigerians by suggesting that if they don't cooperate with Lee, then these Nigerians will be exposed as pawns of Babangida. This blatant blackmail is going to bite Scientology in the ass one day as each of these RICO predicate acts is documented.

Also, some Nigerian government officials are being followed everywhere in Abuja and Lagos. There is generally a lot of concern as these people believe that Scientology is behind strange occurences such as the disappearance of key documents relative to these matters from a government officials office in Abuja, the theft of address books and diaries from 2 prominent players in Lagos, the bugging of a CBN office in Lagos. These all may be pure coincidence that such things are going on to people intimately involved in this scenario. However, they sure do sound familiar to me.

I think it is fair to say that Scientology is so close to the edge now that they have the capability to be extremely dangerous. I would urge all who are in direct confrontation now with Scientology to exercise extreme caution.

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One of the companies in question is Vitol, a London based oil trader that is lifting about 350,000 barrels per day of oil from Nigeria. Lukman and his close friend, Mohammed Barkindo, also a Scientologists have some interesting European Scientologists involved here as well. Lukman is also the Special Petroleum Adviser to the Nigerian President. Also, Barkindo is the Managing Director of Hyson and Carlson, a joint venture between Vitol and NNPC (the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp.). Seems like Lukman has been able, with his Scientology associates, to set up a oil mafia in Nigeria bigger than what Abacha was able to set up with his Swiss friends, Glencore Petroleum. Funny how Scientology says this stuff is bad if Abacha did it but it's cool for some Scientologists to pay off government people in Nigeria to facilitate their business. Might be Scieno double standards? Or, can it be the OT powers at work!

Other Lukman beneficiaries include Kase Lawal, Leno Adesanya, Crystal View Petroleum which is tied to Lukman's special assistant, Francis Kopolukan. Crystal View is VERY active in bidding for big offshore developement contracts in Nigeria. Those Nigerian mentioned in this paragraph are said to be Scienos but I've not yet seen any confirmations.


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