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23 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Sunday July 23 2000

Brent Stone and I got out there about 7:30. All four of the buses were out picking up staff who had to work on Sunday. Right away we saw Richardson and thug 2 walking down from the main gate. We walked apart a ways, Richardson went with Brent and thug 2 stayed with me. As usual I told him he on tape and he told me "you do not have my permission to record my voice and it is illegal to record my voice in the state of California." to which I replied "You are in a public place and have no expectation of privacy."

A little later one of them made some comment about me asking for 5 million. (Actually what I did is suggest they offer me the same settlement Dennis got, which is thought to be 5 million. We may now have a better idea of how much it cost to get Dennis out of the fight.) When one of the cars going by honked, thug 2 said "the honk of a horn is not going to make you famous." Richardson's patter include "what kind of drugs are you on?" and one about having hurt people and deserving to be in jail. He said this near the little memorial for Ashlee Shaner for a heavy dose of irony.

I got tired of thug 2 and after there first time he blocked me and forced me to walk out in the street to get around him, I called the sheriff's Dept. about this behavior. Told the sheriff to put my complaint on the bottom of the priority list, and started walking fast enough to wear out thug 2 (who is heavy set).

Eventually two deputies pulled up to the main gate just after Brent and I had passed it (it is an indication of how they feel that they arrest me with *one* deputy and come out for Golden Era people in no fewer than 2 cars, and often 3 or four). They asked me, and I told them that I didn't want thug 2 slowing down and forcing me into the roadway to get around him. They said this call would generate an incident report, warned thug 2 about blocking and left.

Incidentally, the cult might not be in lock down mode, but the whole thing looked nearly deserted this morning.

It was starting to get hot out there so Brent and I quit after an hour. We were parked headed west, but turned around and went easst through the compound to east overpass where we parked for a minute and I got a good picture of more green screen tech, this time shielding the view of some walkways below (*)'s house. Of course, within a few seconds Richardson and thug 2 come roaring up in a black SUV. The SUV dropped Richardson and thug 2, took off, and thug 2 yelled at us to come back as we were leaving.

After a cold drink at a local entheta center (Jack in the Box) we were headed back to Ida's, going back through the cult compound and down Sanderson. But Brent wanted to see the cult apartments, so we turned around. That happened to put us behind one of the cult buses. I told Brent they would turn either east or west at Menlo because the apartments are to the east and west of State Street. They realized we were behind them because the bus didn't turn and went all the way to Florida (Hwy 74) before turning to the west.

I think we got more PIs who were in a new black pickup. The bus started to turn up Kirby (where the cult apartments are which look like a medium security prison) but the turn signal went off and the bus went on down to Sanderson and then turned north. We were mainly going somewhere else, so we continued to down Florida. Later I took Brent by both sets of apartments, the one on Kirby twice. When we went by the Kirby apartments the second time, the same bus was loading parked over on Menlo pointed back toward the cult compound. I don't know what to make of this, since the bus normally loads inside the gates.

On the way back I got a picture of one of the cars which was tailing us. Later I went out for a few minutes to play with the PIs who are staking out Ida's house--in 100 plus degree weather. I *really* wonder what sort of tale they have told the Hemet police. Perhaps I should try to find out.

Keith Henson and Brent Stone
Reporting from the Hemet front.


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