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24 Jul 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom17.netcom.com>

I am back in Palo Alto (as the PIs have not doubt reported) and the piled up entheta action items are so deep I really don't have time for this, but will do it anyway.

After Brent and I ran the 5 PIs around in mid afternoon, and I generated a KR, we went back out, trailing a bunch of them, in fact, they might have had as many as 9 cars involved. We were headed in the direction of gold base, but had another mission. We got some good pictures and more license numbers, for example 4JNB781 (CA) on a green vehicle.

After accomplishing our first mission, we headed back to Ida's, stopping for gas. The PIs seemed to have lost track of us, at least I saw Richardson driving by as if lost. We decided to see if they had really had lost us and went on hwy 74 to the west. Turned north at Warren, and sure enough here came the red SUV. Brent pulled on the inside of a curve where we could not be seen and 15 seconds later the red SUV went by. (I took what might be a good picture.) We pulled out behind it, a ways down the road it turned on Espanade to the east. Country is the pits for PIs, I could see him over the fields go down the road and make a U turn.

Long as we were going that way, and the PIs who dog us on the picket were way behind us, we decided to put in another round at gold base. So cut over to Sanderson (print a map of the local area if this helps) went north, got onto Gilman Springs Rd, went through the base and parked just beyond the east overpass. I don't know if I mentioned it, but the row of hedge plants on the top of the dirt berm in front of (*)'s house had been pulled out. I guess scn has black thumb tech down pat. I had walked about a quarter way toward the main gate when thug 2 was let out of a car. He tried the same, walking slow in front of me, so I went out in the road to get around him, and walked fast enough he could not get around me.

This also cuts down on the bull baiting he was able to do. I went as far as the Ashlee Shaner memorial and back, walking fast. Gold base looked close to deserted, but it might have been the effect of Sunday combined with them hiding. Brent, who is not as used to hiking fast in the hot sun, went far enough with his giant letters NO OTS HERE sign and then turned around to get back to the car exactly as I did. He picked up Richarson at some point. The PIs wanted to talk more, but we ignored them and went back to Ida's trailing a whole bunch of them.

We packed up, stowed the picket signs for the next crew and said good by to Ida. At least two and more likely three PIs trailed us over to Ontario where I left my rental car and for many miles on our way back to the bay area.

Now the clams have several things to worry about. Who will be coming next, when will they come. Further, will they have ICBMs, cruise missiles, or eagles with them? :-)

Keith Henson


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