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29 Jul 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

Quite an amazing experience for me. I have been openingly and strongly against Bob Minton and this lady from Germany. I lived here in Clearwater in 1979 when the entire town was against us with the City Commissioner having his whole platform be against the Church: Save Sparkling Clearwater, Stamp out Scientology: That WAS his pitch....except for one thing: There was a young girl who had moved there and believed in Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion and she woulnd't shut up. Enter Magoo......20 years ago. Same deal, diffferent forum. I was out there...all day, nights ...you name it I was there. I started a group, and we went out to let the people of Clearwater know we didn't have long fangs and bad things. And 6 months later, they voted him out in a landslide!

So now I hear about Ursela. Well let me back up.Up until last week, I am positive Bob is just a front man for either the psychs or some drug companies. I hate Bob Minton with a passion. Anyways, now I have met the man, spent quite a bit of time with him, and I see where he is coming from. It really is not a whole lot different than how I felt in 1979. I know, I know.....for any old friends reading this you have to think I have been cAPTURED, DRUGGED ETC. But the truth is, Bob and Stacy have been nothing but kind to me. There IS a whole different story on this side....and we all do need to sit down and talk! (and no, that isn't part of some OSA plant...just me and a few OT 7's, now out, who believe in communication)

But watching Ursela was amazing. I refused to meet her for most of the time she was here. People were starting to post I did this intentionally at the same time...and NOTHING could be farther from the truth. But each night Bob and Stacy would come home and give me just a brief rundown of the day. It was amazing. What can you all possibly be thinking of, treating anyone like that?

Shame on each one of you! I don't give a rats ass what she is saying..and there IS a whole differfent side that you all never hear. I hadn't either. I still am not fully briefed on the whole deal...so I am not saying yeah to her at all. I would have to get more information from both sides But what she did tell me was something I had never ever heard of, and suddenly the picture did change considerably..

But I can tell you all this....when I finally did meet her, I was amazed to hear her side. Also, I was shocked to see the effect people screaming rude things at her had done. She came with her upset....she left ready to get any and every country she can involved in this, to see what is really going on.She didn't really voice that directly, but I could feel she had arrived with one agenda and left with something all together different...and how she was mistreated directly created this concern. I have no reason to "make you all wrong"..you can say, "See she is nattering" but puuuulllleeeeeeeeeeeeaaseeeee...open your ears. THis boat is goin down, and you all are paddling the ship right into the iceburg. Open your eyes! LOOK! Look at Dennis Clark. What do you think people (the average person) is going to think when they are at an airport and 50 people start yelling at a woman "Go home you Nazi Criminal!" Do you want to know? GO ask the public. They are on her side. Why? Because it is just basic bad manners, and a lot more I won't go into here..

I am out of the Church of Scientology, and daily I am getting back freedoms I slowly let be chipped away. It is part of the program, I am sorry to say. But for you all in still, at LEAST LOOK AT YOUR BASIC BELIEFS;\ Do you believe in freedom of speech? Do you believe a person should have the right to know both sides? Well I do, and if is wonderful to once again have that delightful luxury of being able to do so.

I thank each critic who stands ever ready to fight for these rights. Your voice is so so needed. And to you all in the Church, start listening. Use the data you know.....and you all out there have to know that treatment just was not right.

I have been on the other side for years., I know the pain those people are feeling,and how right they feel....wanting just their own freedom of religion. But you( the Scios) will NEVER EVER WIN....Treating people like that. It is basic out manners, big time.Plus the Critics are on board now until this deal DOES get ironed out....and freedom of speech etc is in tact. Here here to the critics! :)

More communication not less is needed....and it needs to be good communication. Free communication...which to ANY Scientologist they would read and go, so? WE HAVE THAT! NOT! But you don't realize how it has been slowly stripped away, until you leave.

You do not need more lions against your religion. Plus, it is So embarrassing to watch. What can you be thinking of? Please step back, I beg of you.....and get a grip. What is going on like that ISN"T Scientology...now or ever.


Tory/ Magoo!
X- Scio, mom and kick ass crusader for freedoms, real freedoms!!


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