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29 Jul 2000


Nobody was fooled by Shydavid's diversionary ploy of exteriorizing to Toronto for the weekend, were they?

The real Shy "shady" lost his tail and came over Friday for yet another stealth picket in San Diego. We took the "Scientology, $360,000 Space Alien Scam" sign and a bunch of Xenu fliers and hit the street for fun and entheta. As with the last time, many people commented on our matching 'Scientology Kills' T shirts, and shared tales of personality tests in different cities. Amazing how many people the cult has impacted! One guy with a peculiar sense of fun told us about applying for the 'help wanted' sign posted at most orgs.

We wound up wandering the streets downtown aimlessly for a few hours. One bar patio was simply packed with suits, free for the weekend and relentlessly having a Happy Hour. Got some serious looks from the office workers there, but no takers.

At that point, we were only 2 blocks from the org, so we decided to do a real picket. We uncloaked and walked up the next street so the clams wouldn't see us, and planted ourselves on the corner of 4th and Ash, right outside the org. Many honks and thumbs up there; finally, somebody from the org saw us and told on us. I saw several male scienos peeking at us from around the front door, David noticed a pair of females peering at us as well. They were completely non-confront, we never even got to speak with a clam at all! They were simply peeking at us and scurrying back to the safety of Mother Org. There are apartments kitty-corner to the org, David noticed several flashes from an upper window, as if we were having our picture taken! No one offered us a deal on 8x10 glossies, however. Very mysterious.

We finally took our leave of that fair corner. Strolling slowly in case we were followed, we went to Horton Plaza so I could get a Chicago dog at the hot dog stand. Leaving the plaza, a couple of guys coming down the escalator commented on our shirts, and a security guy tried to stop me from giving them a flyer. "They don't own the sidewalk," I snorted derisively, and lured the subjects out onto public property where they could be properly informed. We left the poor security guy there, talking urgently into his little walkie-talkie.

Once again, it was a subtle picket, no hooting scientologists were around to gum up the works. We gave out a whopping 12 flyers, still a large number for San Diego, and talked to numerous people about the cult. It never fails to amaze and delight me to see how many passersby know about the cult and its scams! There are 12 more who will never join!

Submitted for your approval,


"Every week, every month, every year, every decade and now every century, Scientology does wierd and stupid things to damage its own reputation." -Steve Zadarnowski

http://www.xenutv.com (see live Scientologists in their natural state!)


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