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29 Jul 2000


ShyDavid's non-picket stealth picket real picket report.

Saturday, July 28, 2000CE

Looks like my "I'm in Toronto" ploy did not work--- no one was fooled (neither critics nor clams). Ah, well. I guess I'll just have to either cease such coy plots, or take a TR-L course at the local org. Friday morning at 4:00AM I drove down to my office and put in a few hours of work, and then around noon I walked to me pickup and there was a man watching my pickup--- he had a camera (camcorder) and his description kind of matched the one I got from other folks who were at my office when it was being "revenge picketed" two weeks ago. Gray hair, 50-ish years old. When I took the guy's photograph I managed to spin around in time so I only got his back. But that might be enough: I'll show it to the folks at the marina and see if it's the same guy who put Dead Agent flyers on peoples boats.

Speaking of which, the folks at the marina are -STILL- f-ing pissed at that. I'm still getting people coming up and asking me about it, which is an excellent opportunity to give out my Live Agent flyer http://holysmoke.org/liveagent.htm

The PI (if it was a PI) looked much more professional and more intelligent than the other greasy slob. It's kind of nice to be dealing with a professional for a change. He may have had a back-up guy, as there was another hanging out who was wearing earphones and had a tiny microphone strapped to his chin. But as I said, they may -NOT- have been PIs. I did not establish any stalking behavior from them--- I deliberately did some fancy streetwork to thow off any "tail." I had planned on stopping off at my condo and I do not want them to know where it is nor what name I have bought it under.

So Barb and I buckeled up our armor and headed out with one picket sign and a packet of flyers. We went to different bars instead of the ones we went to last weekend--- more entheta with less of a chance of being told to leave and take our sign with us. As stealth pickets go, it was not terribly excisting--- but it was educational!

The 12 flyers we passed out reflects only a small percentage of folks we talked to. The huge, vast, monserous, over- whelming, major mojo number of folks already distrust and / or detest and loath Scientology.

By actual count, six people walked up and asked us where they could buy a "SCIENTOLOGY KILLS" tee-shirt. Most folks had "horror stories" about being abused and mistreated by the Scientology folks. It still amazes me how many people revile Scientology and its abusive, criminal behavior. In my opinion it is a fundamental impossibility that "Scientology is expanding." The people to add to their victimization quota JUST AREN'T OUT THERE! They have already been vaccinated against the disease. This is why I think going after the front groups is so damn important: that's where the new victims (and their money) is coming from.

We met a hell of a lot of homosexuals. Damned if I know why. Case in point was the guy who stoped and asked for a flyer: one day he was walking past the "Celebrety Center" and some "sexy guy" (as he put it--- sounds like an oxymoron to me) walked up to him and started to flirt with him. The guy thought this was great, and when the "sexy guy" ask him to follow him down the street a bit, the guy followed. They went into a Org / "Mission" and there was Hubbard's books staring him in the face! The guy took a staggarded step or two back, and ran out the building. Which proves that Hubbard has a detremental impack on libedo.

Then there was a guy who worked with / for the real Cult Awareness Network. He saw the sign and "had to" stop and congratulate / thank up. Congratulations for our vast intellect :-) and thanks for fighting Scientology's crimes and abuses.

We spent about 18 minutes outside the crime syndicate's brainwashing center, talking to folks. 100% support, 0% negative towards our message. The only time we received a negative Ack was from a Scientologist who said "You people are weird." As if -WE- were the ones who had the body thetans that only Scientology can wash off!

We had every intention of heading to Hemet for an hour protest Saturday morning, but what with the beer and the two hours of sleep, I for one was in no shape to be driving, let alone walk in 110+ degree heat. Maybe next weekend. :-)

This is true.

P.S. Image of the "PI" guy at my pickup will be posted to a.b.s. in a few days.


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