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29 Jul 2000


July 29 2000 8:32PM Stealth non-picket report

Saturday was a bit more of the same: 12 more Xenu flyers passed out! (11.5 if one counts homeless people as half.) Mistress Barb and I wandered off into the heart of San Diego, proudly displaying our SCIENTOLOGY KILLS tee-shirts.

One girl (i.e., almost a woman) turned down the proffered flyer until I said "ANTI-Scientology" at her, upon which she said "Oh! Okay! That's great!" and reached out and happily grabbed a flyer. Seems she had an M/U that, once cleared up, perfect communication ensued. We find this happens over and over again: people either already revile Scientology, or they have never heard of it.

One guy yelled at me "Scientology kills! Cool tee-shirt! Won't they, like, kill you for that?" with both of his thumbs up.

People still ask us where they may buy anti-Scientology tee-shirts. Seems to me that a critic with a tee-shirt business would make a great deal of money making such tee-shirts. Barb came up with one slogan: "I know the difference between right and Ron." Of course this was after four or five beers, so maybe tomorrow she will not think it quite as clever as she does now.

One rather annoying part of the stealth picket, which most folks doing real pickets may not often deal with, is the homeless people pissing on the bench / chair one is sitting upon. (We call these folks "Reagan's Children" because he's the asshole who shut down the hospitals and "freed" the mentally ill.) Mark Bunker gets hammers; we get piss. Ah, well--- it's a 1.1 world out there.

One person sat at the table we were at and told us about how his friend was lured into the "Org" just up the street with a promise of a free lunch--- the body router must have given this guy a bullshit "free lunch" story. The guy went into the "org" was was given a "free personality test." He was then sent up stairs via the elevator ("lift" for you Empire blokes) but there was something very, very odd with this elevator: it went up but would not go down! The guy went from the "free personality test" and then the "orientation" film, and then wanted DESPERATELY to flee. He left the "orientation" film, and told folks he was no longer interested; he then went into the elevator and tried to get to the bottom floor, but it refused. The body router said there was a separate elevator to go down: without an escort the person would never find it. Clearly a case of "The way out is the way through." The guy was so turned off by this that he refused all commands that he sign up for "courses." Needless to say, he did NOT get a "free lunch" as promised.

You can walk in, but you may not walk out! Sheeeish!

Of course anyone who believes there is such a thing as a "free lunch" deserves such abuse.

Tomorrow we want to "go to 'church'" and listen to their "sermon." Maybe we can check out the elevator and see if this guy was telling us the truth. The crime syndicate's ad in the newspaper says that EVERYONE is welcome: Barb and I are part of EVERYONE, right? Damn straight! Then we should be quite welcome. At the very least, a WARM welcome can be expected.

Some folks asked us about the latest violence in Clearwater against critics, so Barb drew a cartoon face of that freaky woman who dogged Mark Bunker. ("Are you allowed to talk? Mark? Does your leader allow you to talk? Mark? Can you think for yourself, Mark?") It was close enough to the real thing to freak out the people who looked at it. Thick, fat bags under the eyes; carrot nose; ceramic eyes; grimace for a "smile."

This method of "picketing" is GREATLY effective! Folks who would not approach someone with a picket sign may approach a person who's sign is put aside and who's calmly drinking a soft drink. (We put the picket sign down sideways at times, and upside-down at other times, so that people would spend more time looking at it.) The method is so effective, we recommend it.


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