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31 Jul 2000

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Youth novel explains about Scientology

"Dangerous Curiosity" by Renate Hartwig

also interesting for corporations

Ulm, Germany
July 29, 2000
Neu-Ulmer Zeitung

Ulm (grr). Renate Hartwig is back. The impassioned fighter against the Scientology Church and sects of all kinds has written another book - after four technical books, now a youth novel. "Gefaehrliche Neugier" [/"Dangerous Curiosity"], distributed by Gondrom, like its predecessors, deals completely with sects. In her new book, Renate has chosen another form of information work, and also addresses another public.

She has two groups in mind - young people between 14 and 17 years old who are susceptible to promises, as well as companies "who don't want to get torpedoed." Renate Hartwig wants a new kind of generation contract. No longer between old and young to assure retirement, but between corporations and the young.

She made a start, she said with "Aktion EULE." ["Eule" means "owl"]. She likes the nocturnal flyer "because it is wise and also it sees well in the dark." Besides that, the names stands for "Engagierte Unternehmer liefern Einblicke" ["Involved businesses provide insight"].

Founded several weeks ago by Renate and Paul Hartwig, EULE is supposed to blanket all ninth-grade school classes with the new release for free, financed by the businesses of EULE. Specifically, those businesses would like for "Gefaehrliche Neugier" to have the effect of keeping their operations sect-free. Renate Hartwig wants the book to "bring the civil courage to the surface in young people so that they can be effective in explaining to the next generation." The book's chapters deal with OFAP, Organization for Applied Psychology.

It's main character is Anna, a ninth grade student, "who becomes a detective and is driven to adventure by her curiosity." She gets in touch with OFAP because she wants to learn what pull this particular group has upon her classmates. The members shut themselves off from others, constantly read from a secret little book which disappears as soon as others approach. "How do I raise my Parents?" is the title, though, as Anna finally is able to find out. Then there are also Robin, Markus and Sibylle, all more or less strongly involved in or against OFAP. By and by, the trend becomes recognizable.

Students, and even teachers, in Anna's school belong to the organization. They author proper little reports about anything and anyone, which are then "picked up once a week by a white BMW." They collect a great deal of material which can be used against all, writers as well as those written about. The first victim seems to be a chief editor. He was supposed to prevent a woman journalist from publishing her research about OFAP. Renate Hartwig has distributed coupons for a hundred books each to Hildegard and Schubart high schools.

Suedbaden's schools, she said were already completely covered and taken care of for free, Osnabrueck and Frankfurt, too. Next up is Austria and Switzerland. For the rest of us who are no longer in ninth grade, "Gefaehrliche Neugier" costs 19.80 marks. Renate Hartwig.


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