Scientology Crime Syndicate

02 Aug 2000


Bob Minton just posted an image in alt.binaries.scientology showing Stacey Brooks with Tory'goo. WTF is wrong with the staff of the LMT all of a sudden? The very history of Scientology that caused you to take on the fight against their crimes and abuses you are now IGNORING. Operation Freakout taught you nothing? The crime syndicate spy in the Cult Awareness Network taught you nothing? Do you think Mike McClaughry was fooling when he said the crime syndicate would not rest until they have a spy in the Lisa McPherson Trust, or did you just forget that?

Your new playmate posted an article in a.r.s. stating that critics should trust her until she demonstrates distrust (i.e., after she hurts, injures, and destroys them). Only a guilty person intent on harm, or a goddamned fool, would make such a statement. -After- the fact is too late! Trust is earned; trust is not handed out like free baloon at the corner gas station opening day. Trust is granted to those who have proven their trustworthyness.

Please do not trust Tory'goo! Keep her out of your homes and offices.

Have you checked to see if she has stolen any LMT stationary or letterhead? Are any of your kitchen knives, with your fingerprints on them, missing? Did you leave fingerprints on drinking glasses that are now missing? Have you left any of your credit card numbers out where she might see them, or in an unlocked drawer? Have you checked for FM transmissions around 107.9 to 109.0 lately? Are any of your keys missing? Have any keys gone missing for a day or two and then mysteriously appeared again? When was the last time you checked your telephone punchdown blocks for little devices? Have your telephone bills been photocopied without you knowing it?

If you still do not accept the above, how about looking at the other problem---- her demonstrated mental health. I am a lay person and not a doctor, and yet it is my opinion that her written behavior in a.r.s. is that of a mentally ill person. A mentally ill person would post 2700 articles day and night with little rest for weeks on end--- posts that show a disturbed personality in my opinion. If she refuses to seek professional mental health services, you are putting yourselves at risk for having her around. When I am my coven give food and blankets to the homeless, we are not stupid enough to have them move in with us: most of them are diseased and mentally ill. Your inviting Tory'goo in like a cur who has followed you home from school is not a very intelligent thing to do.

I highly recommend that you get rid of her. Sooner better than later.
--- "I want to dance." --- Lisa McPherson, 18 Nov 95 http://holysmoke.org/lm/lm.htm
Killer Kult Klowns: http://holysmoke.org/cos/pi-fun.htm
"If we suffer tamely an attack on our liberty, we encourage it, and involve others in our doom." -- Samuel Adams, 1771.


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