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2 Aug 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Hemet again

I was out there at about 7:25 this morning. One of the buses was going into town and since I had a car they had not seen before, I followed the bus. I was hoping to find yet another bed of clams, but no luck. I think they are concentrated in the apartments on Fruitvale and the one which looks like a medium security prison on Kirby. (Why care? Address for the mail campaign.)

Following the buses back, I arrived at 8am and parked just to the east of Ashlee Shaner's memorial. Sure enough, Edwin Richardson and thug 2 came out soon as I started picketing. Their patter was as if no time had elapsed at all since Brent and I left 10 days ago. I wonder how much of that time they have been hanging out waiting for me, or did they trust the reports from the PIs who hang out in my neighborhood in Palo Alto to keep them informed as to where I was. Hard to tell.

Two added points to the patter, they wanted to know how I could afford the new sneakers ($19 on sale) and where I got the camera (not mine, on loan).

It was hot, a bit late, and they (especially Richardson) seemed a bit like wind up toys where the spring is nearly unwound. Either they are playing really dumb or they have not read Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition. At one time, that book was required reading for OSA/DSA people. They also don't seem to have access to the net because they are unaware of some of my replies to the more silly of their accusations. Thug 2 does a fair simulation of having obsessive mental problems, or maybe that is just the way he is.

I put in two end to end passes. They are still clearing the west end plaza when I come by, but they might not be holding people in the underpass now. I had a camcorder with me today and got lots of thug 2 dancing as I moved the camera back and forth like a baton (he was trying to block my shots of the empty plaza). I got some good shots, but we really need a second camera on the whole scene to see just how silly it looks.

I had just made it back to my car when one of the Sheriff deputies I know pulled up (he had not been called, but was just on his way to a meeting over in Riverside). We had a friendly chat after he asked my thugs to step back out of earshot. There were some fairly dismayed thugs at this little colloquy.

And so goes another warm morning at gold base

Keith Henson
Reporting from the Hemet front


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