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3 Aug 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom17.netcom.com>

Ida and I went out for Chinese food this evening. When we got back we took a look around the neighborhood. Sure enough there is a gigantic brand new RV parked south on Elk across Stetson. The price tag on this beast is at least $100k, and it has a Barwick Buick tag (same as one of the cars last time) in the license plate holder.

This thing is huge! It is the size of a semi trailer, and has a built in generator which they are running to power the air conditioner.

Of course, this might just be a tourest . . . but few with that kind of money park on a street where the truckers park their 18 wheel rigs to save money on a place to sleep. The curtains were pulled except for the one in back toward Ida's place which was open. Bet you some poor PI inside is glued to the eyepiece of a telescope.

My spies in Ida's neighborhood report no fewer than 3 other cars being used to watch the place.

Muriel Dufresne (head PR gal at gold--attends local counsel meetings as scn's rep.) has been trying to dead agent me to the people who manage the services for the retirement community where Ida lives. The manager took the DA material from her and read it last night. It seems that long before he reached the end of it he had come to an appropriate conclusion. This is third hand, but I think it was the ICBM and cruise missiles claims which brought him to this conclusion. So Ida made an appointment with the manager today and stayed for an hour and a half. He was fully brought up to speed on our favorite cult.

Seems the cult was asking him to do something which he had no power to do anyway.

When Muriel was talking to the manager yesterday, she claimed that she did not know why Ida was opposed to the cult. This morning she claimed she had called the LA org and now she knows, Ida is keeping her promises to Leo Ryan.

Keith Henson
Reporting from the Hemet front.


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