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3 Aug 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>wrote:

Started out this morning from Ida's place at 6:30. Went down Elk to the south to check on the big RV and get some tape of it. Also got the car and its plate which was parked in front of the RV.

I was going to turn left onto Stetson and go west to Sorenson but as I came back to the intersection, I saw a car headed toward me on Elk. Thinking this might well be one of the PIs, I crossed Stetson. The car turned left (had he continued past me I would have figured it was a resident) so I turned after him. The blocks are short so I was able to catch up with him as he turned north, on Palm, west on Johnson, south, west on Stetson, and north on Palm again. This established him as a PI, so I went on out Stetson to on my way to gold base. (Like the dog Grim in the comic strip Mother Goose and Grim, I don't know what I would do if I caught one of the PIs or he pulled over. Say Hi I guess.)

Out at gold base, I parked in my regular spot on the west end near the Ashlee Shaner memorial. I was there just in front of the 7 am buses, so they got a good view of my sign about being implanted with dead space aliens.

I started east on the north side of the road. Richardson and thug 2 came out and met me at the westernmost gate. They started into the same patter as yesterday, including warnings for me not to make commercial use of any video or audio I was recording. It was nice and cool, and thug 2 was walking at a reasonable pace when abruptly he and Richardson got some message, broke off and walked as fast as they could to the main gate. This was only about 6 minutes into my picket round, and might have been psychological warfare. If so, it worked, though had it been any other day, I would have stayed to see what played out. Had they got word that the Sheriff was coming? Did they get a policy change notice? Had (*) spotted an eagle? (Note--eagles are not weapons of mass destruction.)

Perhaps I will find out this afternoon. In any case, I walked back to my car and left.

Keith Henson
Reporting from the Hemet front.


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