Scientology Crime Syndicate

19 Aug 2000


This was very low-key, shydavid and I only gave out 4 fliers. The first recipient commented on our 'Kills' T-shirts, and explained that he was a nondenominational, non-prosyletizing Christian. "I thought everyone in California was a Scientologist," he told us. We assured him that this is certainly not the case, and gave him copies of the Xenu and "Cult in your neighborhood?" fliers, and told him to spread the word.

He was still reading them carefully 15 minutes later. This was, I think, the best dissem of the day, I'm sure he will share what he learned with his congregation.

As we sat at the patio drinking Guinness, some French tourists walked by, and I heard one murmer "Scientologie" to his companions. I hopped up and said, "Scientologie Tui!" pointing at my T-shirt. They smiled and nodded in agreement; it may not be perfect grammar as I don't speak French, and I sure hope tui means 'kill!' heh heh.

An older Czech gentleman gave us a perspective on the T-shirt message I hadn't considered as a native Californian! You know, sometimes I wonder about people who mistake me for a scieno while I'm wearing this shirt...he pointed out that from his perspective, we could have been high echelon Scientologists promoting our cult by using the slang 'Kills' as a positive message, as in the use of the word 'Killer.' "That was a killer wave!" I got a serious chuckle out of that!

We gave out a 'Cult' flier to a guy who had already received one of the Xenu fliers during an earlier stealth run.

On the way back to my place, David noticed the mysterious white van parked on Market street that had been there the last time he was over. It's kind of beat, and has a rainbow sticker in the windshield. It was parked outside for the two days David was here last time, and I haven't seen in again until yesterday. Interesting.

This is true.


"Car salesmen are after your money, Christians are after your soul, but the Church of Scientology wants both." --Hartley Patterson

"Every week, every month, every year, every decade and now every century, Scientology does weird and stupid things to damage its own reputation." -Steve Zadarnowski

http://www.xenutv.com (see live Scientologists in their natural state!)


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