Scientology Crime Syndicate

21 Aug 2000

My sister and her husband came to Tampa for a weekend visit from Washington, DC. They're both highly placed employees of the gov't and were never too interested in the subject of Scientology, even though I'd broached the subject on more than a few occasions. :-)

My work schedule lately has been pretty intense but around 7 PM on Saturday I broke away from work to take the two of them on a tour of downtown Clearwater. Actually my brother-in-law ASKED me to take him there because his parents had lived there for many years until his Dad died and he hadn't been back, himself, in almost 15 years. We parked their rental car on Watterson Street and as soon as we arrived saw a few members of the Trust out on the street with picket signs in hand.

I stopped briefly to say Hi to Mark and Jeff but we were cut off by the "Swarm" of "OT's" that were bunching around us. My sister and her hubby were a little taken aback by the rude behavior so we moved quickly down the street to continue with our "tour".

I intentionally avoided turning down Ft Harrison St. in order to keep my sister and hubby out of the fray. We ended up walking up a quiet street that the infamous One Stop Shoppe backs up to and since my sister asked if we could pop in to buy a coke, I explained to her that this particular store was owned by Scientologists and that we would probably be refused service. My sister's hubby was incredulous (and more than likely assumed I was exagerating), but we proceeded on without testing that and I got us some cokes at an SP friendly establishment.

We walked past all kinds of buildings that my brother-in-law remembered from his last visit and finally found ourselves on Ft. Harrison St. Just as we headed south on Ft. H. St., we were met by 2 of the "OT committee members" that I remembered seeing during Ursula Caberta's visit. They launched in by DEMANDING to know if the coke I was carrying was purchased at the One Stop Shoppe. Ever the joker-degrader, I said "Yes INDEED!" The asshole then started screaming that "THAT will NEVER happen again!" I asked him if he realized that what he was saying would likely be seen in a bad legal light---he assured me in no uncertain terms that he didn't give a damn...and that under no circumstances would we be allowed to buy anything in his store again.

He then followed my sister, her husband and myself screaming obscenities while a short blonde chunky woman kept screaming "WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?" Normally I'm there in downtown to picket and expect this type of disturbance, but with my sister and hubby in tow, I was NOT welcoming this type of attack.

The stupid yutzes actually asked my brother-in-law if he was doing drugs with Jesse and demanded to know how much HE was getting paid by Bob Minton. The irony of this idiocy would only be appreciated if I were willing to expose the extremely high level position he holds in our gov't.

My brother-in-law responded by whipping out his video camera to film what he thought was straight out of a film documenting the Brown shirts of the Nazi regime. Worse comments were made to my sister after she told them to "Leave my sister ALONE!" (that's my big sis there talking LOL)

Once they realized she was my sister, they attacked her viciously and began circling us continuously so as to impede our progress. When we found that we couldn't even hear ourselves talk because of the incessant RANTING and FROTHING I told the idiots that if they didn't back off I would call the cops. They refused to leave us alone, so I dialed 911. The police came just as the infamous Mary DeMoss and 4 others started circling us as well. The police officer basically told us that he wouldn't/couldn't stop them from circling us and yelling obscenities at us. This was the last straw for my "guests" who were appalled to see what Clearwater had become since their last visit 15 years earlier. They even told the cops they were tourists and expected to be able to walk the streets of CW without harrassment, but the cops were non-plussed and virtually useless.

We crossed the street at the point and made it to the green tarp lined walkway in hopes that we would be out of range...but to no avail. Our team of jerkoffs stayed at our backs insulting us, calling us names and screeching so loud we couldn't hear ourselves talk.

I tried to "entheta" the frothing, rabid jackals AWAY by launching into an explanation of the Super Power building and what an "interesting" basement they were building there. I then explained in a loud tone, in order to drown out the jackals, about RPF's and the cult's history of totalitarianism and brainwashing.

They stayed on us no matter which street we walked on and they were joined by more....Ian Shillington (the fake doctor), Cheryl Fetzer (braindead beauty shop owner) and a host of familiar faces. We ducked into Ottavios to get way from them FINALLY, then slipped out and to the car.

The whole drive back to Tampa saw the complete and utter conversion of two Non-interested tourists....into RABID new critics. They jumped on my computer the minute we got back to my place and spent into the wee hours watching videos on Xenutv. They wrote down the URL's for many of the critics' sites before they caught their plane back.

Talk about a FOOT bazooka! LOL

so......WHAT will this criminal cult PULL IN NEXT????......I wonder...... :-)

thank you OSA and your public jackals for helping to create TWO NEW CRITICS! Best Regards



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