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22 Aug 2000 Fredric L. Rice letters@SPTimes.com


In the piece titled "Owner blamed for vacant storefronts" dated 21/August/2000, the owner of the "One Stoppe Shoppe" had quite a bit to say however one thing that she "forgot" to mention is that she is a Scientologist and people who are not Scientologists who try to purchase anything in the store are routinely thrown out. There are photographs and video clips of non-Scientologists getting thrown out of the "One Stoppe Shoppe."

Thus the truth about downtown -- and the reason why the city of Clearwater has the problems that it does -- is once again firmly underscored: the city is filled with paranoid cultists who not only don't pay their fair share of the tax burden, but also throw paying customers out the door since they dislike doing business with what the cult derogatorily call "wogs."

The Scientology cult snuck into Clearwater under the fake name "United Churches" specifically because they know that the lengthy criminal history of their cult was -- and is -- well known. Now that these crooks are in, Clearwater is doomed. Citizens of Clearwater have one option left open to them: Flee occupied Clearwater for better climes and leave the city to the criminal cult. They've won an it's time for the City of Clearwater to face the truth.

Fredric L. Rice, Glendora, CA.


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