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23 Aug 2000

"Morraine" <abbigalemcfaye@hotmail.com>

I got a tongue ring over the weekend, not for any particular reason other than that I wanted one. It's a big contradiction over my usual "look", but I'm a walking contradiction anyway.

Regardless, when I went to work with it today, one of my coworkers was less than thrilled with my piercing while she was listening in on a conversation with some friends and I about piercings. She even went so far as to take her break at the same time as me and follow me to the smoker's area so she could pound me with such random thoughts as:

"God won't allow you into Heaven with that *thing* in your mouth." (So I proceeded to flip my long hair back so she had a glaringly good view of the thirteen diamond studs adorning my earlobes.- she ignored that and I noticed that she has her own ears pierced. What's the difference?)

"God didn't give you that body so you could desecrate (I can't spell) it like that."

(I'm also 30 lbs overweight yet from my pregnancy- is that discretion too? And what about my tattoo?)

"Your husband can't find that attractive." (My husband learned long ago that he can't tell me what I can and cannot do-even if he needs reminding once in a while- and while we're at it, he likes it.)

"What are you going to tell your little boy when he wants one?" (He can have one when he's 18- which is the age you have to be here in Iowa.)

After giving her my short replies while defiling my body with both caffeine and cigarette smoke, she hit me with the question that bothered me most.

"Your pastor will probably give you a long lecture when he sees that."

OK folks, this is the one that put my teeth on edge. I calmly told her that I do not attend a church and tried to leave it at that. The woman was absolutely horrified. "You're such a bright young girl, you don't wear any of that awful clothing young people wear nowadays, your married, you have a child, and you don't go to church?" To which I explained that I had a very beautiful outdoor wedding performed by a Justice of the Peace and that one could conceive a child just fine with out "God's" help. And that religion has nothing to do with the clothing one wears.

She then asked how I could live life with no God. I explained to her that not only do I believe in "a" God, but several, and several Goddesses as well. Her eyes got huge and she said "you're one of those Witches!". She then placed her hand over mine and said "May God have mercy on you and your family.", got up, and went inside.

Now, what I want to know is: how is it that some people just assume they know everything about you just by your appearances? Apparently, this woman just assumed that I was as Christian as she because I wear rather boring clothes to work, am married, have a child, and she didn't see any defilement on my body until today. (My tattoo is rather hidden and my hair usually covers my ears.)

And another thing: what makes some people think that they can just force their views on other people and they will be accepted?

These questions have been plaguing me ever since the incident and I am wondering if others have similar experiences they would like to share?

Sorry if this post is rather long and boring. I just wanted to see if anyone had any feedback.



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