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24 Aug 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)


I am going to try to keep this brief, although I could write a book on it. It is rather detailed, and I apologise for the length, but this what happened and why I call it the second biggest scam. It is my personal story, but one others may learn from.

Feel free to send it to anyone you know who is getting suckered by W.I.S.E. (the second biggest scam)..

Before I begin, let me say to anyone not familiar with W I S E that this stands for World Institute of Scientology Enterprises. This is the organization that is SUPPOSED to help businesses and Scientologists working. You see in the Church they say they are just helping you spiritually. Thus W. I. S. E. was set up to supposedly help all in the area of business and work. If you have an upset with your boss, and cannot work it out with your job, W.I.S.E. is supposed to be there to help iron things out. (of course the businesses who are members of W.I.S.E. PAY them a certain amount of money….and this I did not realize was the real impedance behind this crap ass group calling itself helpful. HA! NOTHING could be farther from the truth!

The two shams I will tell you about are from my personal experience. Again, if you do not want to read this, please do not. If you do...here it is…and it really is dedicated to BILL AND RUTH BOWEN AND HARVEY SCHMIEDEKE AND CRAIG FERRARAHALL WHO F**** ME ROYALLY.


My husband worked there in the 90's and was one of two or their top salespeople. Bill Bowen was a salesman and when he hired my husband he told him:

"I will never cut your commission check".

Ok. My husband worked, and worked hard. The business was booming and he was making excellent money (I think to the tune of $200,000 in the mid 90's). Not bad. The place (TRT) was jumping and they had over 200 employees. People were winning. It was a great group! Then one day a lady named Wendi arrived as an exec and I told my husband "The party is over". I had worked with her earlier at RPR (Ron's Public Relations Office) and I knew what a totally bad person she was.

Bill Bowen went to Flag and sure enough, Ruth Bowen called Harold into her office and said:

"I am cutting your pay, and if you tell Bill anything, I will fire you". My husband came home very upset and I told him to walk back in and tell her "Fine….we quit!" As he and his partner were the top two money makers. He didn't ….he's too "nice"….and the check went down, and down and down….all the way down to a couple hundred a week. Now this was a royal screw for many people…………………and each one slowly got fired or left. Where was the all-great W. I. S. E. now? NOWHERE!

Ok, so finally my husband and his partner quit…………..and take Bill Bowen to what is called an "arbitration" where people are SUPPOSED to sit down and with a mediator, work things out. After one YEAR of mediating (and Bill swearing it was a "personal problem between he and my husband" and trying to get him here to Flag (and OFF of the business lines, see)………the attorney writes out the findings:

My husband is owed $50,000
His partner is owed $100,000.
(My husband only $50K as he had signed some waver under duress)

Finally, FINALLY after one year of Ruth Bowen crashing the business and then ONE YEAR of fighting for money owed….we think we are going to get some justice! What happens? Mr. Bill Bowen (top donator of giant bucks at Flag) goes to the Freewinds………….and THAT NIGHT the ENTIRE ISSUE the arbitration is based on IS CANCELLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No money, nothing. We are told by the second biggest scam W.I.S.E. That we can fly to Flag now (and remember this was supposed to be handled BY W.I.S.E. (the second biggest scam) because it dealt with business, and that is their job! But now it IS voted it is personal, (which it wasn't AT ALL, and still is not at least with my husband. It is very, very personal with me….and thus I am writing this today! But remember he was the actual employee there although the entire ordeal effected me greatly for years.)

They never paid a dime to my husband or his partner. The company dropped from a booming, successful business with over 200 people, to by the end, about 6 emloyees. Tons of people's lives were shattered here, and what did W.I.S.E. (the second biggest scam) Do? N O T H I H G !!!

(Plus we were so broke, I had to sell Ruth Bowen my Grandmother's China…which she still has. Now THAT is Disgusting, Ruth, on a personal note. You STILL owe us $50,000 and the partner $100,000 and you will be hearing more and more from me, until JUSTICE is served, darlin.)

2) SURVIVAL STRATEGIES AND BODY BALANCE FOR PERFORMANCE Owned by Harvey Schmiedeke and Craig Ferrarah. Located in La Crescenta in LA 818-957-9344.

Ok, I worked for Harvey and Craig way back when they were working for Steve Tomzack. Now Tomzack fired them (even though they were top producers….just more "great" Scientology crap!) H and C decided to open their own business, consulting Physical Therapists. I won't bore you all with the details, but Body Balance for Performance was set up as a Cash Cow for the Physical Therapists, who were having a difficult time under the Clinton Administration making $$$ with the new health system. It taught PT's how to treat their clients and make them better golfers, but they had to pay cash. (Believe me, when it comes to money, Scientologists can think of ANYTHING! IT was actually a good plan, and seemed like something most of the PT's were interested in).

I was Harvey's only junior, and I was the registrar for Body Balance For Performance. Ok. Life was rolling along, I am good at sales, so I was pulling in LOTS of money for them. However, they would do this stuff of NOT PAYING the staff. Why? "Well we just didn't make enough money this week". But they had the promises it would come in, and we loved the group, so OK, we will hang in there.

Now this I am going to say, as I do believe it was THE beginning of the end for me, and NO ONE from there or anywhere has ever heard this side of the story. But it is true, and you can take me to court and under oath I will swear it is!

Harvey was very hard on me, and had no time to help. If ever I went in to get some help, he was ALWAYS reading, or typing or something. Typical bad control stuff, but I liked Harvey so I tried to work around this abusive relationship we were having. He also was one of those guys who would look at my eyes, then my tips, then my eyes, then my tits. I should have taken the jerk to court for sexual harrassment………….but in Scientology oh no! It is a suppressive act to take another to court! So finally one day I went in crying. Harvey jumped up and closed all of the blinds and begged me to talk softly! (THE SURVIVAL STRATEGY CLIENTS were right on the other side of his office!)

Ok, I told him I couldn't take it anymore. He was just too hard on me. He laughed softly and I cried and said "I am here crying and you are laughing?????" He said to me very gently "I am only laughing because I know it is true". He sounded so sincere…I bought it. He asked what else I needed, and I told him. And finally I said "AND QUIT LOOKING AT MY TITS!" He turned so red, I had NEVER seen a man turn that red before in my life. We ended.


Did he work for the company? Not really. We were told Dan was just there to "handle a few things". OK. What? (DUH! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO BLIND THEN). First, a little survey. Ok. Since Harvey the week before had NOT paid the entire staff, and then drove up in a brand new car……both my girlfriend and I answered (is there anything you would like changed?) That we wanted to get paid, and didn't feel it was O.K. not to be.

Bingo. Who was suddenly on specialized "Ethics programs"???? US!

Throughout my time there, more woman are hired and each one has their run- ins with Harvey. They would come crying to me and I would try to console them, and tell them what happened to me. Remember? He as only laughing because he knew it was true? I stood up for the guy. Give him a break…yada yada.

Ahhhhhhhh it goes on and on……………..but basically I got screwed SO ROYALLY by these folks, it was amazing to watch. Here I was, their TOP (and really for Body Balance, only) REG….and suddenly they are all having meetings, but I cannot come. I finally pulled this guy Ken over (who is now in the SO at Flag) and was also on Solo Nots to at the time and I said: "Ken…..either I am getting ROYALLY third partied, or I am GOING INSAIN………………please tell me which, please!" He said" Well, I can tell you this emphatically………….you are NOT going insane". But would he speak up? NO!

Finally I am so cut off from my boss, Harvey, and many people, that I go into see Craig, who is SUPPOSED to be over Ethics. He suggests I call a Committee of Evidence. I say to him:

"Craig, in allllllllllllllllll of my years in Scientology I have never seen good results from a comm. Ev. He encourages me, so I do.

Who is running it? DAN OWEN. I won't go into all of the details, but let it suffice to say it was one of the squirrliest off policy things I had ever been a part of. I NEVER GOT TO TALK! I could only write notes to Dan and gang.

If the policy said do XY AN Z………….They DID A B AND C. Basically I got screwed royally.

So I went into Craig, who heard me and said "wow. I didn't realize this had gotten so off the rails Tory Write up briefly what happened to me, and I will get it to Dan, and we will fix it",. Again, he sounded SO sincere. The next day I arrive, hopeful. But what do I see? All of the exec's are standing outside of the business, sort of blocking the entrance. I get out of my car and I go up to Craig and I ask "What is UP?" (I loved this guy…………and this group, so I am not getting even now that I am TOTALLY screwed, beginning probably when I told Harvey to Stop Looking at My tits.

OK. What does Craig say? "Tory your only terminal at this point is Dan Owen. You need to see him upstairs" (Scientology LOVES to do that; Your only terminal is…..) I should have gotten in my car, and drove off, but I didn't.


I walk into a room. It is totally empty except for a desk, Dan and a TAPE RECORDER. I look at it and get pictures of old GO (Guardian's Office/ illegal actions or the Mission Holders Conference in the 80's) stories I have heard that occurred years ago. Now I am totally abandoned by my two bosses, and all of my business employees (and DON"T SAY YOU DIDN"T KNOW)……….and am here with this guy by now I realize is TOTALLY AND UTTERLY PSYCHOTIC AND HAS EVEN FOOLED RTC! (He made sure early on to let me know he had tons of Programs passed by RTC; Sort of like he could do no wrong).

I say "Dan, I am not going to do this" and he starts SCREAMING AT ME: IF YOU LEAVE IT IS BECAUSE OF YOUR HIDDEN OVERTS". And I mean screaming with A LOT of force! (Now again, I am sure to those reading this…..it is a joke! Someone would stay after that? But when you are IN it, things are lots different.

OK…………the bottom line is this weekend is my 50th birthday (OH HOW FUN…HUH?)

I return Monday to read the findings: I AM RAPED OVER THE COALS!

It came out I was the big bad person that was ruining their business.(not mentioning that my stats were in Affluence and I had brought them in TONS and TONS of money and future business). HA! I went home and got out all of my policy letters like a good girl. This was No problem to me: I am a Scientologist, and there is standard tech to back me up! Plus, if I need to there is always W.I.S.E. (the second biggest scam).

I do write it up……………and I get copies to every single staff member. Now these are not some lackeys. These are longstanding Scientologist, many highly trained and at the top of the Bridge. Barb Weisman….the queen of standard tech. Craig Ferrarah…the all knowing tech guy. Huedi Faire…who sat next to me and watched the entire thing go down! COME ON!

No one would say a word. Of course part of this very delightful and helpful ordeal was to do a THIRD PARTY INVESTIGATION..To find out who was sneaking behind backs and telling lies. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out whose head was going to be on a pike here. You got it: TORY!

At this point I went into Craig and Harvey and listened a bit while they ranted about what a bad person I was and NOW THEY HAD PROOF! My only avenue was to do lower conditions and make up the damage.

For those unfamiliar with Scientology……the best analogy I can thinkof would be similar to a gang of men gang banging and woman, raping her over and over, and then telling her IF she "made up the damage" she might be allowed to hang with them.;

I was crying………….how could I not be? What a sham! What utter and complete bullshit! AND THESE F*****s RUN THE FIELD "W.I.E.S.E. ARBITRATION COMMITTEE". Not ONE of the "dear friends" there who I had known for years and years and years had the balls to stand up and say NOT OK! (Well, Charlie, you wrote the one KR, and I thank you for that….but you still went to the meetings, and basically took over my post, pal!)

Do you see why I call it the second ultimate scam????? ARE YOU GETTING THE PICTURE???

I looked at Craig and Harvey and said "I AM NOT GOING DOWN THAT STREET!"

This was supposed to be Scientology at it's best? Remember, they are W.I.S.E. Certified Consultants, as well as IN charge of the W.I. S. E. Field Arbitration deal. And Big donors of money!

Harvey (who is a very big guy) stood up and started swearing at me telling me to GET THE F*** OUT OF HERE!

I did.

I wrote it up to W.I.S.E. (The second biggest scam) and they never did a damned thing!

And These two con artists continued to ruin other staff members lives, after I left. Each would call to tell me.

Welcome to the world of W.I.S.E - THE SECOND BIGGEST SCAM!

To each of you jag- off's May you get the Karma coming to you. That is all I will say.

Tory Bezazian

And talking!
As well as dancing to the music!


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