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25 Aug 2000

"Jesse Prince" <jesseprince@lisatrust.net>

This story is dedicated to all of the ruined families and broken relationships caused by the criminal cult of Scientology. Maybe some will understand a little better.

If memory serves me right the year in question was 1985. As an aside in all honesty I must say "achieving" the state of clear did nothing to improve my memory like being set up. Anyway, as I sat in my office at Golden Era Productions wishing time would go by faster than it was, I got an urgent phone call from Vicki Aznaran. Vicki was the Inspector General of RTC, IG for short. She told me she had received an urgent phone call from Miss Cabbage's wife Shelly. Shelly told Vicki to make sure I was around the Gold Base for the rest of the day as there was a major flap going on that I needed to help handle.

This was just the kind of news I hated the most and the terror stomach started to set in like rigamortis.

After agonizing for a few hours I received a second phone call to meet Miss Cabbage in the Qualifications division of Gold. Dutifully I went to Qual and met with Davey and he explained things to me. Davey said he had just returned from Philadelphia in John Travolta's private plane to get his father out of jail. Davey's father Ron Miss Cabbage senior was arrested for raping a young woman who's name escapes me now. Davey had been screaming and screaming at his dad and old Ronnie looked very contrite when I saw him.

Davey was not convinced his father had told him the whole story of what had happened during the rape incident and Davey felt he would not be able to handle the incident without all of the facts. Davey wanted me to sec check Ronnie and explore every nook and cranny of the crime. Ronnie was out on bail (again paid for by deluded brainwashed Scientologists). Davey told Marty Rathbun to get in touch with Gene Ingram and make this whole thing go away without a trace in Philly. I dutifully went in and did the sec check on Davey's dad. I really do feel like telling the details of what Ronnie had to say but my jury is still out on telling personal session information given to me in confidence. I will say this, Ronnie confessed to the crime and told me all of the gory details.

At the same time a person who was my staff (David Sike Bush) did a sec check on Davey's mother Loretta who was also brought in for the occasion. Davey wanted his mother sec checked to get any other peripheral crimes discovered before something else blew up. At the end of the sec check, both mother and father were made to do lower conditions and they were to get a Chaplin handling.

I was present for the Chaplin handling and the Chaplin was Davey himself. Davey sat his parents down and told them they were to immediately divorce and Ron senior was joining the Sea Org so that the Sea Org could protect him. Loretta was visibly hurt and upset upon hearing the verdict and accused her son Davey of being a little Hitler in front of others present. The others being Ray Mithoff, Marty Rathbun and Norman Starkey. Davey's response was to scream at his mother until she just buried her face in her hands in grief. Later Davey did tell her that he would make sure she was very well taken care of. He planned to make sure his mother was well taken care of through a Scientology company named Real World computer software.

Under a directive from Davey, Ray Mithoff personally rounded up all the sec checking worksheets on Ronnie and Loretta and destroyed them all.

Marty and Gene Ingram went to Philly and "erased" the incident from the system. To this day there is no record of Ronnie raping anyone.

The whole affair conclued with Ronnie signing his billion year contract for the Sea Org and his youngest son Davey welcoming him into the fold.

Remember what Hubbard said, the GE is the family man. There is no room in Scientology for family or family values. There is only following the directives of a mediocre science fiction writer gone mad.

Jesse Prince
The Lisa McPherson Trust


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