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26 Aug 2000

jimdbb@aol.com (JimDBB)

Yes, I use oxygen. I want everyone to know that I am not hiding this. My progressive and irreversible health situation dictates that I have to use oxygen a lot of my time. The only people who have ever tried to use this against me, to ridicule me, to demean me and to threaten me are scientologists.

This alone says a lot about what happens to people who get lured into the scientology cult and are programmed with L. Ron Hubbard's madness. Apparently, the Church of Scientology has a DA pack on me which attempts to ridicule me for using oxygen. I have had other scientologists try to use this against me.

I just had a scientologist dentist who tried to denigrate me over the phone because I use oxygen.

You may recall that recently I wrote something about five dentists who were lured into the scientology cult by the Marcus Group. Marcus is one of scientology's management front groups which serves as a device to lure people into scientology. Two of these dentists eventually woke up and demanded refunds from the Chicago Org. Mark Bunker went to interview them and while filming them outside of the Chicago Org was arrested by off duty police thugs that the cult had hired.

I was originly contacted by relatives of one of the dentists, John S.... I was told that John s...had left his wife and kids to help the world with scientology and that he had given a lot of money to scientology and his wife was left with little.

I have reported on some of this here on the ARS even though some felt that I should not. I feel that the story of how five dentists got lured into the the greedy and vicious church of Scientology was an important one and getting this story out superceded some of the invidual concerns. If one dentist or any person can be saved from involvement with the management front scam and from the scientology cult then this will be worthwhile.

John S called me today and graphically demonstrated what happens to a decent person who gets involved with scientology. Obviously, he had read some of my posts on the ARS. He started in trying to ridicule and demean me for using oxygen and then proceeded to make threats that his scientology friends are going to take care of me. I must say that he hesitated when he started the oxygen harange but once he got into it and the threats he sounded like a true scientologist. He denies that he left his wife and kids without money and he does visit his kids. His relatives have told me that he does visit his kids but his wife is divorced and has had to go back to work.

John S...'s family are fully aware of what they are dealing with. To John s... I say this. Don't you and your 'friends' begin to think of threatening me. I have a very deep bag of stuff that I haven't begun to pull out.

Take a look at what has happened to you, John. I don't know of any dentist or health professional in this country who would try to use a persons health situation against them. Get free of the scientology madness and return to being a free and happy person.

Jim Beebe


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