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bk-pettycrew@home.com (Bruce Pettycrew)

After a month-long hiatus due to monsoon weather and an attack of diverticulitus (me), Kathy and I returned to the picket line today.

There were 4 cars in the mi$$ion parking lot when we arrived at 9:00 A.M. and no one arrived or left while we were picketing. It was in the mid 90's and humid for Phoenix. Traffic was normal, but we got more honks and thumbs-up than usual - maybe they missed us? :-}

We quit about 9:50 and as we got to our car parked across University Drive, one of the men working on the JP Courthouse lawn asked us about our activities. He was in his twenties, and told us that he had attended one session at the Borg and was appalled by the behaviour of the registrar: he had apparently taken the personality test and the registrar, in this guy's words "wouldn't let me leave; he kept telling me that I would kill myself if I didn't take the courses". I gave him a Xenu leaflet and mentioned during the course of the conversation with him and another worker that John Travolta was a member and that Battlefield Earth was a Hubbard book. The guy then told us that he had given a massage to Travolta at the Phoenician Hotel when he worked there as a trainer. I asked him if Travolta had come on to him (there had been a story in the local paper about two years ago about a masseur at the Phoenician who had lodged a complaint against JT for unwanted advances). He said that it was not him. He thanked us for our efforts to alert the public about the cult, and Kathy and I left.

Bye for now.

"Picket early and often."


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