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26 Aug 2000

thomlove <thomlovenetmail@netscape.net>


Yes, it is true. The Complex in LA is the most effective target for pickets, and will produce the most results.

However, if you want to really have an effect, if you put up signs attacking the CofS or LRH, you will be wasting your time.

If your purpose is to get CofSers to LOOK, actually LOOK, then there are ways you can do so. Remember, each time a CofSer looks, you have won and the SO has lost.

If you want to get CofSers to actually LOOK at your signs, keep them positive. If you can align yourself WITH the CofSers, rather than against them, you'll get agreements, and so your signs will be read.

CofSers have two major upsets, neither of which can be voiced. The biggest one is that they pretty much well know that they can never get all the way up the Bridge. It is too expensive. This is suppressed, and they go on hoping, but they are upset about it.

The other upset is they know they are in FEAR of consequences if they voice any of their concerns. The fear is very specific; they fear that they will lose access to LRH. That is their ONLY fear, and that is what it is, nothing else.

So, the only hold the SO has on them is the idea that LRH exists only in the CofS. If these persons knew that was not true, that LRH exists on the web, then this sole hold on CofSers by the SO will evaporate.


This is *the* point that can undermine the SO in the fastest possible way.

This is the ONLY hold the SO has on the CofSers, this threat of loss of LRH. Well, if these persons knew that was not true, they would them be free of that fear, and be more willing to look.

So, to enter into the CofS environment with the intention of getting the CofSers to LOOK on a gradient, then the best way is to parallel what their attention is on. Signs that state that point of stuck attention WILL snag their attention, they WILL look! And if you have flyers that expand on what is on the signs, you will be in a good position to create a very major effect.

Examples of signs:

"What question do you think would be dangerous to as the CofS? Well, ask us!" with flyers of some of the more important questions answered with references to web sites. (perhaps too long, but the idea is quite major)

"Why doesn't the SO trust us to think for ourselves?" with flyers to expand on it.

"What is it the SO doesn't want you to know?" with flyers.

"What is the SO trying to hide?" with flyers.

Also, "RTC is run by CST. Who is CST?" with flyers having the data.

Also, "CST is run by NONE SCIENTOLOGISTS! Did you know that?" with flyers.

Signs pointing out there is an active FreeZone of Scientologists who are working their way up the Bridge daily would be VERY effective. It would indicate there is already a functioning group that can be joined and supported.

"Join the FreeZone and get up the Bridge! You can start today!" with flyers.

"Twin up from ARCS/W to OT8 today", with flyers pointing to where the tech is.

"All of NOTS is on the web! All YOU have to do is just DO it!" with flyers.

"OTI-OTII are on the web. Take a look and see!" with flyers.

If you can show them that there is LRH on the web, and that it is free, and that there is a FreeZone available to help them, then GUARANTEED, you will get looks!

"Where have all the OTs gone?"

...and so on...

Later, after several pickets as above, you can move in with the other data. By now, many will see you are speaking truthfully, and they will know that LRH is available on the net for free.

Also, "Why are we under attack in Europe?', with flyers re: the raids in Europe.

Also, "Why is OT7 and OT8 failing? What is the truth?", with flyers and references to Xenu t.v.

Signs referring to affidavits by Prince, Aznaran, and so forth, with flyers of those affidavits, could be very effective.

There are some examples. Many more can be made up.

I know for Kieth and others, the CofS and everything about it is a bad taste, and so I realize that they may not want to picket in this fashion. But, if the idea is to get the CofS confronted by CofSers, and to get something going on the inside, then the best way is to not attack those who you want to help look. The best way is to help them look. These people walking across the street at LRH WAY are NOT the monsters we see in the posts around here. The vast majority of them have NO idea of what is going on! And, many of them, MANY of them, are upset and keep it suppressed.

Anyway, to really hit the SO in the pockets, and to create the biggest splash, the Complex is what to hit. I'd get well organized, and get as many picketers as you can, enough to hit the foot traffic on LRH WAY, which is the front door too five orgs, both LA orgs and both ASHO orgs, and AO. If you can also cover the parking lot near Sunset, then you'll get everyone coming and going by that route.

No kidding. If you picket the Complex, and it becomes a habit, you WILL have a significant effect on their income.


An Metet wrote:

In all honesty Keith, The Los Angeles complex is their most sensitive spot if you want to reach the greatest numbers of Scientologists with your message. You would create a bigger effect there for the following reasons:

1) There is no way for them to hide. Public have to walk back and forth between orgs on foot. They have to show up daily by car for courses and auditing. Pickets should be between 5:30 and 7:30 PM on Weekdays which is when the shift from DAY to FOUNDATION occurs and most public are leaving or arriving. If you were to hold up a sign saying "RTC is squirrelling. Compare old and new versions of books" you would immediately get at least 20% of the members asking embarrassing questions.

You notice that the people who recently got their refund, and are causing the big stink, did so when they saw how RTC was "squirrelling" LRH material. This is a HUGE button to press on Scientologists and failure to realize that will greatly diminish your effectiveness.

2) Hemet does not have income producing public. No one pays money to go to Gold. If you want to get at their second biggest money source, it's Los Angeles, where most of the middle class Scientologists come from and do Scientology. FLAG is for the richest Scientologists, but NOT the more numerous.Gold is one of the hardest nuts to crack and even if you do, the destruction would be minimal. The people there are virtual slaves and contribute nothing to Scientology's coffers.

3) You would pick up many more co-picketers because Los Angeles has the greatest number of pissed-off ex members also. Don't forget that most of the splinter groups are here.

4) Celebrity Center, 5-10 minutes away, is a HUGE soft underbelly. The celebrities are precious to Scientology and if you put doubts into their heads you are doing some potential disastrous damage.

If you REALLY want to see the shit hit the fan, picket the Complex.

The only problem is that this is LAPD territory. The LAPD is reeling right now from internal corruption so maybe everything would be OK for picketers here. i.e., complaints about police irregularities would be listened to.

Just my input. It's your game and I'm thankful that you are doing what you are doing.


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