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27 Aug 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

I got a call this morning from the mother of one of my daughter's friends who lived across the street where we last lived in San Jose--4 years ago.

Seems that some PI claiming dude had come calling with a story about a security background check for a job I was supposed to have applied for.

After a few minutes, the guy started asking her questions about my daughter and her daughter. She twigged that something was very wrong and closed the door on him, then gave me a call. She mentioned that the dude had been talking to my former next door neighbor, so I called him. He gave me more information, the guy was driving a dark Suburu, and claimed to be from American Protective Services, a local *major* security company and that after looking on the web at the picture of Gene Ingram, it was not him.

American Protecives Services does not appreciate this identity theft, not one little bit. Neither does the San Jose Police. Keep this in mind.

I also have word that someone is making a major effort to find relatives and old friends in Arizona. There are reasons the Tucson police are looking these people.

Keith Henson


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