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27 Aug 2000

Blue Xenu <Blue_member@newsguy.com>

Well, this is my first picket report because this is my first picket. An ad hoc trip to go on a dive trip in San Diego gave me a rare opportunity to meet a couple of IRC friends--Barb and Xenubat, and also to engage in some enturbulation of a so called church of Scientology org.

I wasn't going to post anything on this, but Xenubat chided me earlier about my SP duties so here it is:

As mentioned before, I went scuba diving at the Yukon wreck site (a former Canadian destroyer escort purposely sunk to be an attractive wreck site for divers). Immediately afterwards I drove to the vicinity of Barb's apartment in beautiful downtown San Diego. Barb met me at her apartment's entrance and then introduced me to Xenubat, who arrived slightly earlier. In my hurry to make my dive trip on time I left my picket sign at home. (one side--"$cientology Kills!" the other side--"Psychiatry Heals"). But no problem, Barb had a spare. :)

As we proceeded to walk to the org, the wind unravelled one of the picket signs, but I remembered I had clear packaging tape in my vehicle, which we retrieved. After making the sign San Diego windproof we approached the org. Being my first picket, I felt a slight adrenalin rush. Barb pointed out a car which had just left the org parking lot and we noticed some activity out front. Barb led us to the corner which was visible to most of the traffic (both pedestrian and automobiles), and then we went into our proudly displaying signs mode.

We received quite a few affirmative responses from passing automobiles. After about 8 minutes of picketing this round guy with a round face came out of the org to greet us and to take our pictures. Armed with a digital camera myself, I reciprocated in kind. He also photographed Barb while she was displaying the Hawaiian Good Luck gesture. :) After he had photographed each of us he then scurried back into org.

The next 20 minutes of the picket were pretty uneventful except that we receive continuous endorsement from the automobile traffic and a gentleman who stopped to chat with us about the cult. We then walked down to an eating establishment with an outdoor patio so that I could get something to eat (I had only a brownie and Diet Coke the entire day) and also display our signs to the public. I went in to get food and drinks, and when I came out with the drinks (the food was served later) Xenubat informed me that they just handed out 4 flyers.

I noticed most of the passerbys looking at our signs and a couple of ladies stopped to ask us questions and retrieve flyers. They said that they had friends who dumped a lot of money into the cult and they wanted more information on what they really do. Of course we pointed them to www.xenu.net.

There was one fellow who sat at the table right next us and sort of watched us the whole time; he also ordered a couple of beers for himself. When it got dark we escorted Xenubat to the trolley station where we continued our stealth picket. We met one young man who had read about the cult and had some background but wanted to hear it directly from other people. He wanted to know if we were part of an organized resistance group or something; I explained that we were just concerned citizens who were only interested in disseminating correct information with the public. Another gentleman came by later and seemed to be antagonistic, although in a friendly way. I pretty much let Barb handle him. :) Before Xenubat boarded the trolley, we discussed our next get together--I mentioned driving up to participate in one of Kristi's first Saturday of the month picket, but that is a very long haul for everyone. Xenubat wants to picket the Celebrity Center really bad, so now we have to make the arrangements. :)

Looking at a long drive back home, we broke contact and headed back to Barb's place. After showing me some the work she does in real life as well as images of other enturbulation, I went back to my vehicle and drove back to my home in the desert. It was great to finally meet Xenubat and Barb--who are a couple of really cool people.

For a few pics of the event go here:


and click on the 'First Picket' album.

"When you delight in the game, the effort seems unimportant." --Anonymous


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