Scientology Crime Syndicate

28 Aug 2000


In 1983 I arrive in LA looking for a better life, after 2 weeks and only $100 dollars left in my pocket I found a "Help wanted" ad in the newspaper asking for help in exchange for room and board and a small cash compensation. I went to the interview at the "Manor Hotel" now known as the Celebrity Center. I have never heard of Scientology or L. Ron Hubbard I was ask to fillout an application and take a "Personality Test" and a test holding 2 cans attach to what I call a "Lie Detector" which later I was told is call an E-meter, of course I pass the test and was then told what the interview was all about.

I was first ask to sign a contract with the "Sea Org" for 1,000 years! it took a lot for me not to laugh, since at that time I didn't understood the concept behind it, which is base on reincarnation, I refuse and I was offer room and board and 19 dollars a week for "Personal" expenses, toothpaste, soap, etc, courses in Scientology and was ask to sign a 3 year contract, I was down to my last dollars and had no family or friends to ask for help so I sign and hope for the best, at that time the Manor didn't look like I'm sure it looks now, it was pretty rundown and in a state of decay.

I was put to work doing daily chores like cleaning, painting, preparing rooms for the "Guest" cleaning the grounds and help in the kitchen. At first, everything seems "Normal" until I ask for a day off, I was told that I had to requested and if the stats were up I might get the day off, I did as I was told, but the day off was denied, but being the rebel that I was, I took my 19 dollars and went to the movies to clear my mind from the 3 weeks of work I just went thru without a day off, when I came back, all hell broke loose, I was taken to the office and sat in front of the CO, hook-up to the E-meter and ask a whole bunch of questions, from, who I was with, to "Did you went to the bathroom" all of a sudden I realize the difference between religion and cult and this was definitely a cult.

I play the submissive role and little by little I work my way up the Scientology latter, from floor cleaner to registrar in less than two years and what I saw, heard and experience in the 3 years I spend at the Manor would open my eyes to what Scientology is REALLY about, ABSOLUTE POWER AND CONTROL. It will take me more time than I have to go over the details of the hunger I went thru, the lies that I was told to support, they will take anyone off the streets, sometimes with tragic results, child molestation completely cover-up, rapes cover-up, stealing of e-meters for sale, members leaving in the middle of the night to never comeback, extra-marital affairs are so common is almost a requirement.

It get's me mad how stars like John Travolta are completely oblivious to what really goes on in this places, he doesn't know about the 36 hours that we spend working without sleep, just to make the place nice for him to visit the center for 2 hours. Children left unattended (Easy Prey) because the parents have to work until late in the night. I spend the 3 years making as much money as I could and saving it in the bank, which they didn't knew about and making friends and contacts that eventually help me leave that place. I'm sure it looks much nicer today on the outside, but I'm sure it still the same old routine on the inside, RECRUIT! RECRUIT! RECRUIT! GET THOSE STATS UP AT ANY COST!!




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