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29 Aug 2000

mistmagoo55@aol.com (Mistmagoo55)

Keith Hensen called LMT about 9:45 our time and said we are going to do a USA TRI-PICKET...and could someone here picket Flag at 10:30 am here? Keith was at GOLD in Hemet, CA and Graham at CCLA, in LA, and me at the FLAG LAND BASE in CLEARWATER FLORIDA! (hahahahahhaahhahah...that's how they always YELL it at the events!)

I said OK! I AM ON! So at 10:20 I took my sign ":DOUBT IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM" \and the flip side was SCIENTOLOGY TAKES YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE"

Ok. So I went with Jeff Jacobson who filmed it, and Karin Case came along and walked with Jeff.

It was drizzling and since I had seen the earier picket with people screaming, I just wore my Headset and rocked to the COUNTING CROWS while pacing backand forth out in front of the FLAG FORT HARRISON HOTEL

They immediately pulled down all shades AHAHAHAH. AND sent out a guy from OSA ( Jeff said he as always at the pickets in LA Joe Neal) to film me.

I just quietly picketed and rocked to my music. Early on when I first left and came here (a month ago) I started calling OSA INT and saying who I was, and that I wanted to speak to MIKE RINDER or RAY MITTOFF (wrong spellings, sorry)

OK...as they NEVER called me..... today I kept saying into their camera: "I told you OSA INT... I called and asked you to talk and you never ever called me back."

Flag vans came by with people, and I showed them my sign about Doubt is the beginning of Wisdom. One kid read it, we could see, others had their heads down or looking away.

We stayed 15 minutes (with me walking back and forth right out in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel. One of my friends pulled up on the side walk and held her face. I walked up and just smiled and said "HIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Right then Jessie pulled up...time to go.

We returned here and Jess said Mary Demoss was down the streeet (guess my earlier KR worked! I had told them IF she bugs me once more, I will book myself on MAJOR TV stations and expose all).

As soon as we got here, BINGO! Mary Demoss, and two others come screaming into LMT. "We are here because of Tory's invitation...we want to see Tory" etc.

Quickly we called the police. They continued to scream. Stacy and Jeff and Mark threw them out (all on tape by Jeff and Mark) and they went outside and continued SCREAMING! I am in a back office and I could hear them.

TORY WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES??? I saw here briefly and just smiled and said questioningly :RELIGIOUS TOLERANCE???? As she IS the ED of the Religious tolerance group. What a joke!!!!!!

They finally left, as the police pulled up. The police were so mean and rude. They came in and said "What is this...tit for tat?" Now why they are angry at us....FOR DEMONSTRATING PEACEFULLY WHICH IS A CONSTITUIONAL RIGHT (but then again, we are in Clearwater, and it is just possible those good ol boys have never read that!)

Anyways..............for my very first picket (well where I carried a sign)...I was amazed at the response! We are talking about one (ONE) person picket.

And ya know what?: It was so much fun.....I just may have to do it again.

I highly recommed it! Take out a sign.....go to your org and do a 15 minute picket! IT felt great!

Love to you all!

Tory Bezazian
~dancin as I picket~ :)


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