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30 Aug 2000

"Jesse Prince" <jesseprince@lisatrust.net>

Hard to imagine, but not every tale from the cult involves criminal activity. Sometimes it's just plain old bizarre, like this one here.

You may have noticed (especially pubic Scientologist) that the staff of Sea Org organizations have very strong opinions about how one smells. In particular, Sea Org members can't stand the smell of scented products. How odd it is that ALL Sea Org members reject the smell of perfume or cologne and act like you have committed a crime if a person should indulge in such.

Odd behavior indeed! All Sea Org members are trained to reject "scents" because Hubbard ordered it so. In the same matter in which he ordered Sea Org members are forbidden to own a television This goes a long way to explain why Sea Org members seem so out of touch with just about any and everything, fashion and trends for sure. It's all to clear to free thinking people why the control of information is important if you want to create a "loyal" goon squad and keep them in the dark. Even someone as stupid and destructive as Adolph Hitler knew that one!

Anyway, there is a reason and an exact story of why Sea Org members' are not allowed the simple pleasure of being able to experience smells or perfume or scented products, and I'll tell it to you now.

The year was 1984. Hubbard was on an up swing of one of his manic depressive mood swings. Hubbard started out writing something about the use of computers on the whole track ( whole track = existence and civilizations that pre date any earthly recorded time period) and somehow got into a rant about tar-coal perfume. Hubbard discovered that everything he touched had the scent of rose perfume, which was derived from tar-coal. Hubbard said the rose scent permeated all new clothes as the sizing used on new clothes was the same tar coal rose perfume that greatly irritated his nose and skin. Being highly sensitive because of his OTness, Hubbard quickly lost patience for anything that smelled of rose perfume. I guess you could spend a day reading all of the "advices" Hubbard came up with concerning rose perfume. Like the BT (body thetan) story, Hubbard discovered EVERTHING smelled like rose perfume! All of his clothes smelt like it, every piece of paper sent to him from Int Management and RTC smelt like it. The poor man was plagued by cheap rose perfume and when Hubbard was miserable everyone around or connected to him shared the misery.

Hubbard was an avid smoker of cigarettes, Kool non filter to be exact and smoked no less than three packs a day. Anyone who smokes or has smoked knows the sense of smell is greatly affected by the fact of smoking.

Missions and projects were fired out to find or create a line of soap products that were scentless. Chemist were hired, and a new line of soap products were created. At great expense, a new line of shampoo and conditioner, laundry soap, body lotion, hand soap, industrial cleaning soap....you name it. All the while, the hysteria created by Hubbard for the dreaded rose perfume got worst and worst.

Hubbard was close by Golden Era Productions out in Hemet and had a team of 6 people that did nothing but clean a house he lived in a few times a week. This team was also responsible for doing his laundry. Hubbard and his messengers developed new tech for handling his laundry. The procedure was to take a brand new shirt or other new article of clothing and wash it is six separate tubs of water by hand three times. That's 18 separate wash cycles! To rinse, the article was rinsed in six different tubs of clear water three times. The end product was a new shirt that was now thread bare and falling apart. Not to be stopped, there was a special sewer posted that would sew up the ruined shirt.The shirt would be dried outside on a clothes line, put in a plastic bag and sent on to Hubbard.

Hubbard had a fit again as he said he could still smell the rose perfume. He figured the smell was coming from the plastic bags his thread bare clothes were being sent to him in. Lower conditions were assigned to everyone connected with the project as poor little Hubbard had no clothes to wear!

During this same time period, Hubbard had ordered Scientology celebs to create a music score for his books, the Mission Earth series. I'm sure some here have had the unfortunate experience of hearing this load of crap. Very similar to the Battlefield Earth movie, crap. Anyway, it was time to mix the album down and the same producer/engineer who mixed Michel Jackson's Thriller album was employed at great expense to try and do something with the terminally ill music score project.

The name of this person is Bruce Swadean (sp?). Bruce came with his wife as I guess he was afraid to be alone in Scientology's top management facilities. After two days in the studio, a staff member was told to handle Bruce's wife because she was stinking up Hubbard's studio with her nasty perfume. Of course Davey is the one who ordered this to be done. A girl named Mary, got the task and she pulled Bruce's wife aside while Bruce was in the studio trying to raise the unborn dead and told her she would have to handle herself as she was stinking up Hubbard's nice music studio with her smelly perfume. To say the least, the woman was horrified by the shear rudeness of what had just happened and ran into the studio and told her husband about it.

Without missing a beat, Bruce stood up and told Rick Cruzen, Charlie Rush, Peter Slesh (sp?) just how wacky he really thought they all were and left the building never to be seen or heard from again. No matter how much Davey had people beg Bruce, he would not come back to the Golden Era Production concentration camp.

Lower conditions for all concerned again! See how the misery is spread!

Now every piece of paper sent to Hubbard from Int Management and RTC had the dreaded rose perfume smell and lower conditions were flying around in CMO Int. Now the only way to send something to Hubbard was through Marc Yeager who was the Commanding Officer of CMO Int until he messed it up too. Hubbard decided Marc Yeager was full of overts as his perception had to be way down if he was not able to smell the rose perfume! Everyone thought Marc had a good nose because between Davey, Marc and me, Marc was the only one who did not smoke cigarettes, wrong again. Marc is now writing up his overts and withholds and doing conditions for sending up the dreaded rose perfume smell to Hubbard.

This horrified the hell out of me because I knew my ticket was next. Sure enough Davey and Vickie tell me it's my turn to go to the ovens and neither one had any advice as to what I should do. Both had already been smelling everything that was sent up to Hubbard and they missed it too. Davey smoked at least 2 packs of Camel non filter cigarettes and I smoked about a pack and a half. What was I suppose to smell?

The question going through my mind was what had I done to get put in this horrible position? How much pain and humiliation would I have to suffer before it was over for me and just how over for me would it be? Every bit of perfume had been taken from all the staff and destroyed. Half of the newly created line of scentless products were found to be defective and further test were being done to find the rest defective. I remember sitting in my office with boxes of dispatches and laundry ready to be sent to Hubbard, all I had to do was give it the old smell test and all would be fine. When you are alone there is no one to pretend for. I opened the boxes, looked inside and put the lids back on, no reason to smell. I sat there for what I thought would seem a reasonable amount of time for a person to smell this crap. During this interlude, I was wondering if I had recently done anything that would make Hubbard like me and thus spare me. A few things came to mind (and I'll tell these later) but to tell the truth, I didn't feel very confident for keeping my head.

Anyway the stuff went up and came back. Hubbard was pleased and said the smell was greatly reduced, though not fully handled. Hubbard discovered the dreaded rose smell was coming from the ink in the pens people had used to sign off that they had checked for smells and found none! I can't tell you how relieved we all were, me especially. After a few weeks Hubbard forgot about the dreaded rose perfume smell and found other things to rant about.

Hubbard had an amazing ability to write down EVERYTHING and soon a new commandment was issued about smells. Hubbard even tied it in with the psychs evil plan to kill us all. This is why and how the whole group of Sea Org and even most Scientology public can't/won't wear scented products.

All I can say is thank God Hubbard found out about visteril before he pasted on. Life for the poor Sea Org members and public could have been a lot worst.

Jesse Prince
The Lisa McPherson Trust


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