Scientology Crime Syndicate

30 Aug 2000



Los Angeles, CA

It was 10:04 a.m. on August 30, 2000. A passer-by had just commented on my picket-sign, " Right on. You're a brave man!" I shouted back, " Thanks, but anybody can do this." I was minding my own First Amendment business at the corner of L.Ron Hubbard Way and Fountain Avenue. Behind me stood the Church of Scientology's Advanced Organization Los Angeles. From the walkie-talkie radio of a security staffer crackled a voice: "Keep your distance from him."

I smiled, but not for long. Around the corner spun a small red car, probably of Japanese manufacture, which horrifyingly mounted the curb. I jumped back just in time to avoid being hit. "Out of control," I thought. Then it backed back and shot forward, up and over the handicapped access portion of the curb, over the sidewalk and onto the grass garden-border beside me. "This guy is a nut," I thought. I leapt between two poles as he gunned his car and drove after me. Blocked by the two poles he reversed and then sped up L.Ron Hubbard Way and turned into the parking lot beside the American Saint Hill Building.

His license plate was 4XY[?] 686. The six observing security staffers had made no movement at all. "We need the L.A.P.D. here," I said to one. He did not move. Perhaps that is not surprising. What would the L.A.P.D. do? The Chairman of the Los Angeles Police Commission is the Church of Scientology's own lawyer, Gerald Chaleff, Esq. However, it did remind me to return a recent telephone message offering information as to an alleged attempt to run a California judge of the road.

I had been picketing since 8:30 a.m. and was about to quit for the day when this assault and attempted battery, if not attempted murder, happened. "You bloody bunch of criminal body thetans ("BTs") and clusters," I thought. Another half hour of taking my free speech message to the victims of L.Ron Hubbard's techniques of coercive indoctrination would follow. Obviously, someone was trying to block the intended recipients receiving my constitutionally protected communication. Meanwhile, such criminal assaults upon my person had just made even more picketing necessary for the sake of the survival of scientology's victims.

Unbeknownst to me at the time, the scientology bases and RPF facilities at Hemet and Clearwater, Florida were being simultaneously picketed. In addition, Keith Henson and Rick Moxon were engaged in a heated exchange in front of my attorney. Moxon's language was positively lurid. Moxon has subpoenaed Keith Henson in the increasingly perjurious and fraudulent case that scientology stooge, Michael Hurtado, had filed against me - before he was imprisoned for breaking, entering and lying in wait in a women's bedroom with a butcher's knife. When he is released from serving one year of his felony sentence he will commence ten years of supervised probation. One of the first things he will do is testify (perjuriously) at trial in the Hurtado v Berry case. Moxon & Kobrin, their associated attorneys and OSA now face serious criminal and civil exposure in connection with the two Hurtado v. Berry cases.

When I suddenly appeared this morning to commence my first amendment protected activity at the corner of Fountain Avenue and L. Ron Hubbard Way, I caused the few early morning Operating Thetans to scatter and the scientology security goons to come swarming. This morning there were six of them and they quickly cleared the entirety of L.Ron Hubbard Way, thus interfering with my right to take my message to its intended recipients and to articulate it within their earshot. For the next two hours, L. Ron Hubbard Way remained empty of all OTs and staffers except for the six security staffers and occasional cars and passers-by. Today, the staffers ceased their verbal harassment of me and merely took notes of every movement and utterance that I made.

Utterances such as: "Good morning. How are you today? Have a lovely upstat day ; Good morning and greetings from Xenu, etc.," There was much less peek-a-booing from behind "berthing" blinds this morning. However, the Rev. Glen Barton stood and watched me from the glassed walk-way between the American Saint Hill Building and "Big Blue" where the Pacific Area Command is partially based. Later, he walked across the street to the Continental Liaison Office Western United States. I yelled, "Hi Glenn!" He ignored me. I said to the nearest security staffer, "Glen Barton is not very friendly today." The goon wrote that down too. He then continued doing his TR-O on me. "Flunk!" I said. " Get those TRs in! This is the Golden Era for SPs."

Meanwhile, staffers were communicating by cell-phones and corralling on-course publics , SO staffers and cadets into groups that would be moved from one end of the buildings to the other, depending on which area that I was not then visible from. However, being the unpredictable person that I am, I frequently changed and reversed my strolling pattern. It extended from the American Saint Hill Building, down past the PAC Base cafeteria, across the street and up past the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles to Flag Services Consultants, Freewinds and the Continental Liaison Office Western United States.

Then back down past AOLA, around the corner onto Fountain and down to the rear alleyway entrance to AOLA where staffers and publics would be herded before trying to make a dash for the Bridge Publications building entrance and IAS Administration Western United States Branch Office at 1311 New Hampshire Street. Frequently, in trying to avoid me, they actually encountered my constitutionally protected communications. As in any para-military, totalitarian, political and commercial enterprise, it was the young who seemed willing to disobey and ignore authority. That should not be surprising since Hubbard wrote that children are "expensive inconveniences".

At 10:30 a.m. I said to one of the scientology security goons, "I think it is time for coffee. How would you like a break? Take some libs (liberty time) or "family time". He ignored me. R.Vaughan Young once explained to me that the family time (with children) of SO staffers is severely restricted because it interferes with the organization's production and stats (statistics) which directly effects their income. He described how heart-wrenching it was to visit a child in the Cadet Org and have other children beg for information as to their parents who had not been permitted to visit for many days and sometimes weeks. "Do you know when my daddy is going to come and see me?" they would ask. How could he explain to a child that it all depended upon DM's mood, the Org's stats and whether or not "daddy" was in an ethics handling. Just as the Organization had assaulted me and had attempted to run me down, so had DM physically assaulted and beaten Vaughan Young, for some DM perceived insubordination.

And so I strolled off from whence I had come. One of the security goons followed me. I told him, "I am only continuing to carry this picket sign aloft because you are stalking me. Wouldn't DM be annoyed if he had to pay for defending you on a charge of stalking me! Why don't you just blow your post? Come with me. Enjoy spiritual freedom, freedom of will and freedom of thought." At that, a ranking superior whistled to him and they left me to continue walking down the street. "I shall return!" I shouted and flashed the V for victory sign. And return I shall. After all, it is OSA that has wished and worked for me to be homeless and living in the streets. Well here I am. A living example of the need to take care what you wish and work for.


Graham Berry.


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