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31 Aug 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Tue morning at gold base. For other reasons I had to be out near Hemet and Graham need to be in LA Tue. Graham suggested we hit both locations at the same time, and suggested we see if someone could get Flag in Clearwater too. I presume you have read Graham's excellent report about picketing the LA orgs and Tory's exciting report about picketing Flag (her first).

I called LMT about 10 am their time and reached Tory. She was game, and thus we had, for the first time, every major US org being picketed at the same time. Bet you that got (*)'s shorts in a knot!

I picketed gold from about 7.40. Richardson and Petty came out to walk with me and were their usual chatty selves. When Frank asked me "were you talking to your boss? Minton?" (on my cell phone) I said "Actually I was talking to an OT 7!" That set them back!

They mentioned the parrot as we walked by the place where you can hear him. Ghod knows why they are so concerned about the suppressive parrot, but it is such a button that they mention the parrot twice without prompting. (*) must have been highly upset about it. They asked about Graham and were somewhat taken aback by the news he was picketing in LA and that Tory was picketing Flag.

There was a massive effort while I was gone the last two weeks weed whacking on the south side of the road. But the north side is a mess, with tumble weeds over 6 feet high to the east of (*)'s house. When those dry out, they will be a major fire hazard. Ed and Frank chatted about my daughter and her going to school. There were very few people in sight. Either they were not at work yet, or they were in heavy hiding. The flowers were gone from around the entrance to gold.

As I was muttering into my recorder about the weeds, Edwin made some comment about smoking them,--did I do that? So I told them the following story.:

A long time ago, I knew two guys who rented an apartment from me, Zippy and Vegetable were the names they went by in those days. Vegetable had made a fortune flying first class, hauling weed from Arizona to New York during the time he was in college. This was during the Vietnam War, and he wasn't interested in getting his ass shot off. In those days going into the Peace Core was an alternative, if not an official one, so after he got out of school, he signed up. He was assigned to teach in some tiny remote village in the Philippines. The village was not on the main road, so the bus driver let him off and pointed down this dirt road and said "that way, about two miles." So Vegetable started walking down this road, and as he walked he realized that these plants towering 20-25 feet over the road were marijuana plants! He got down to the village eventually with a sprig or two of this stuff, and after being introduced to the village and getting set up, he said,

"Say, those plants on the side of the road on the way down to the village . . . do you guys know anything to do with those?

The villagers said, "No, those are rope plants, the market for them disappeared years ago and we don't know anything to do with them."

So Vegetable said, "Well, let me show you."

And from what I understand, he and the villagers spent the next two years stoned.

Knowing him, he probably did a bang up job teaching the kids stoned or not, but this was one of the more interesting exports of American know how.

Ed wanted to know how he got this nickname. I don't think I ever knew, but possible origins were obvious. I don't know for sure, but I think Vegetable bought a huge ranch in New Mexico after he got out of the Peace Corp.

This led into a discussion of an article I had read recently which concluded that if you were a user, smoking dope didn't seem to make you more dangerous as a driver. The most significant result of the story (IIRC) was that people on grass tended to drive slower. Of course, that might be a problem in Southern California.

Edwin said he had arrested a lot of people DUI, but on asking him, it was never for grass alone.

Of course, this led to him asking me if I had taken much acid. And then to a comment (rumor) that Arel had been Tim Leary's secretary. I would not confirm either, but suggested they look in the acknowledgements of Tim's autobiography, Flashbacks. I also suggested they read Great Mambo Chicken and the Transhuman Condition. (Ed Regis) Ed admitted he had not read it and I expressed my disappointment because there was a time when all the OAS people in contact with me had to read this book. Frank insisted on talking about acid. This was particularly interesting because Arel had been talking about Tim Leary the evening before at Graham Berry's house.

I suggested they read a.r.s because Ed and Frank seemed particularly clueless. About this time I got a call from Graham on my cell phone to report on how the picket was going at big blue. So I told Frank and Ed that the scientologists at big blue would not let a bus unload while Graham was there. I then ragged on Ed and Frank a little about the net nanny which would keep them from reading a.r.s. They tried to get something out of me about the places where they lost me in SF and which bank I went to afterwards. But why make it easy for them? <grin

Ed made some comment about being out there and nobody paying any attention to me, the lizards were paying more attention than the construction workers. Astonishing blindness! WTF were *they* doing? A scientologist was peaking over the top of a pallet of roof tiles at my sign.

Next, a woman stopped and there was a really interesting exchange. Frank was trying to preempt me talking to her, but he failed at it. I first, suggested she look up Xenu on the net, and then talking over Frank:

Keith: "These guy are doing character attacks on me. It is widely believed that this woman (pointing to my sign) Stacy Moxon Meyers was put in a transformer vault up there (pointing) and to commit suicide she got across the high voltage wires. The information is on the net, if you know anybody at all who is on the net, if you put that name in . . . . "

Woman: "So is that your daughter? Who got killed?

Ke "No, but there have been two young women killed out here in recent months. Right down on the far end there is a little shrine for Ashlee Shaner who was killed when she ran into a piece of construction machinery that they had and were running on the road at night and then this girl Stacy Moxon Meyer who actually is the daughter of their in house lawyer Kendrick Moxon. She was killed in a transformer vault . . ."

Woman: Right (nods head)

K: "And in order to believe that, you have to consider that she yanked a 230-pound lid off the vault got into the thing with a six-foot stepladder . . ."

Frank: (breaking in) "Do you believe everything you hear?"

Woman: "That's why I had to stop you guys I wanted to see how come you guys are out here all the time."

K: "I picket them"

Frank: "Go over to the security booth and ask for a package on this guy and they will show you documents on what this guy has done in the past."

K: (overlapping) "They have dead agent-character attack material."

Woman: (confused) "Like what are you doing?"

K: "I am protesting scientology, they are an evil cult. This is scientology's operation out here."

Woman: "And what is your name?"

K: "My name is Keith Henson." (spelled out)

Woman: "I had to stop because a long time ago they used to host the San Jacinto pageants out here, beauty pageants, and we used to come out and it was a like a major security that they had out here with every person. And it was like I couldn't go the bathroom by myself because someone was like right there. And it was like what are they so scared of?

[Woman is into valley speak <grin]

K: "They are totally paranoid. They are so terrified of me and a picket sign that they have these two guys out here whose main purpose is to be sure nobody talks to me or gets a flyer from me."

Woman: "These two guys?"

K: "Yeah, these two guys work for scientology."

Woman: "Oh they are with scientology!"

K: "Yeah."

Woman: "And you are picketing on your own."

K: "I am picketing on my own and they are hired to come out and hassle."

Woman (talking to them): "And you guys have packets at the front gate?"

K: They are character attack packets on me. My wife accused me of child molesting when we got divorced about 20 years ago. But that is about the best they can do for attacking me."

Frank: "You could go ask his . . .. "

Woman [to Frank]: "You're with scientology?"

K: "He's a scientologist."

Woman: "And they are taking pictures of me talking to you?" [Laughs]

K; [laughs too]: "Yeah."

Woman [laughs, waves to camera] "Hi!"

Woman: "Well, I just didn't know why . .."

K: "If you come out here and picket, you can get your very own counter picket at your house if you want it."

Woman [breaks up laughing]

K: "your neighbors will be much impressed."

Woman: "Ok, well, thank you, hope you go to church, and may the Lord guide you."

[Little more discussing on how local ministers feel about pickets, short OT3 space cooties mention, and comment on how the scientologist managed to piss off the net. The woman left. On to a conversation mostly with Frank about how the battle with the net started with Helena Kobrin's rmgroup. Frank seemed to have no idea of the history. Ed natters about traffic. Back to LSD, I suggest they go talk to LaRouche.]

I picked up a short chunk of rope off the side of the road and Frank tries to go ballistic about it being a weapon.]

Frank: "Wouldn't that be considered a weapon, Mr. Henson?"

K: [sarcastic voice]: "Right."

Frank: "It would make me a little more calm if you put that rope down."

K: [laughs] "You think I am going to garrote you with it?"

Frank: "You already have a stick , so if you put the rope down I would feel a little more comfortable."

Ed [figures this conversation has gone off into silly land] "Say, what about Ida, you going to freeze her?"

K: "You never can tell."

Frank [incredulous]: "You might actually do it."

[some lost in traffic noise]

Ed [natters about what to for cryonics if I were killed end with] "Freon?"

K: "Actually, no. Pack them in ice."

[I think Ed is annoyed that I don't pick up on any degree of death threat from this.]

Ed: [sourly] "Pack them in ice."

K: "Yep."

Frank [natters some about the effects of packing in ice ending]: "If they are dead, how do you bring them back to life?"

K: "You really want to know that would be done?"

Frank: "No, not really."

K; "I didn't think so. But you do know that there are kids who fall through the ice every year--in the Midwest typically. Some of them spend as much as,--I think the records is now two hours."

Frank: "How much?"

K: "Two hours, under water. In ice water."

Ed [to Frank]: He was telling me about that yesterday. What about a "

K: "And they have been revived, some of those kids have been revived with no serious damage."

Ed: "People when they take acid, now, would they see . . . . I've heard they see colors and see all kinds of things would they have delusions? Or would that be considered a delusion [traffic noise]"


At this point we were over the west underpass/plaza and the only thing visible on the plaza was a black and white cat. I comment on the people bypassing going down the steps on the north side. Frank mutters something about me liking little girls or is it little boys. I comment about Brent waving a sign at two hundred clams. They vanish. I comment on the people playing peek-a-boo behind some bushes near the top of the stairs. Frank tries to divert the conversation by talking about my hat. We natter about the cat and Frank makes a comment about the rope. More comment about them not being able to read a.r.s. The guard known as pink face is observed, I run out of tape, but near the end. I get in my car and leave.

Back to Ida's place. The three of us (wife and daughter) are followed over to the University by Frank and maybe one other PI. The security folks at the University get a copy of the transcript of July 13-14 and pointers to where the thug pictures are located on the net. They tell us that the thugs have been told they will be detained and arrested if they are caught on University property.

Much activity that would be of limited interest here, back to Ida's place in the late evening.

And so went Tue.

Keith Henson,
Reporting from the Hemet front.


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