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31 Aug 2000

Brent Stone <bstone@kudonet.com>

I decided to take a trek down to Gold and see what it would be like to picket there solo. Amazingly enough, although I had expected it to be a pretty wild experience, especially after the last time I was down there, it turned out to be strange but not at all like I expected.

Since I hadn't planned to be there much in advance, I decided that I'd at least start out by not announcing my plans and see what happened. I had sort of expected a frenzied run to "handle" me as soon as I showed up, and was hoping to actually talk with my handlers, rather than being talked at. Especially if I was there without Keith, since they're obviously so afraid of him, maybe my being there alone would allow them to break out of the mode of slinging dirt at Keith rather than talking. I hoped I wouldn't present that kind of threat to them (especially since I had thought that I had opened up some real communication on the last trip).

What actually happened wasn't at all like I expected.

I got there Saturday morning, and started my stroll down Highway 79 just like I've done in the past, but _this_ time things were way different. When I got to the first set of buildings, I stumbled across a group of about 200 people having some sort of meeting in front of one of the buildings. Before this, I had always pictured the whole place as some sort of ghost town, having seen very few people actually out on the grounds while I've been there. I stopped and pointed my sign in their direction. It was the "NO OTs HERE" sign in big letters that I usually carry there. Within a few seconds the group started to break up, and they just barely had time to see the other side of the sign which said "The Squirrels Are Int Mgt" before the place became a ghost town again. Without prior notice, it seemed that many of the group actually looked at the signs. On prior visits, it seemed like anybody they let out was trying to use "La la la ... we can't see you" tech, but this time there were people who not only "accidently" saw the signs, but actually turned around to look at them, and didn't remember to pretend that they weren't.

I didn't get ANY handler at all on Saturday, and I spent the rest of my time picketing without seeing anyone at all inside the grounds. All I saw were the guards at the guard shack, one guy out by the road cutting down weeds, and one security guard who came out to tell the weed cutter to go cut weeds elsewhere, out of my range.

Where'd they all go? How many of them saw my sign? Do I win the record for "clearing" technology (I'm pretty sure my group was "cleared" faster than Grahams was on LRH Way)?

Anyway, with nobody to play with on the grounds, I switched to my sign for those passing by. That one is "Criminal Cult of Greed and Abuse" on one side and "$360,000 for Spiritual Freedom?" on the other. At least people driving by were still the same, honking and waving at me on their way past.

I think they're trying a new tactic, attempting to bore me to death.

Sunday, I was obviously expected, since I stayed at Ida's and had been there on Saturday. That day was more what I expected. They had very few people out on the grounds, and my buddy Ed Richardson, noted for his threats of illegal actions against me, was there to meet me. He still wasn't in a mood to do much more than sling dirt at Keith, and play what he must think are effective mind games aimed at me. No communication at all from him this time, unlike some of the times before where he almost opened up, and the talking was something other than one way at times. Frank didn't show at all.

Anyway, I made one pass with the "NO OTs" sign, then settled back on the "Cult of Greed and Abuse" sign again since the ghost town was back. Again, I got the feeling that, even with Richardson out there (or maybe especially with Richardson there), they're trying to bore me to death.

With bore-tech going like it seems to be, I'll probably be taking someone with me next time I go.

Sunday afternoon I left to head home. They did have one of the PIs follow me as far as Bakersfield (about 200 miles), but it seems that he couldn't manage to keep track of me past there. I stopped for gas (so did he) near Bakersfield, and he finished first. He got back on I5 heading north while I was finishing up. I last saw him when I pulled off an exit a bit further up the road. It looks like he was waiting for me there, because as I pulled off, I saw him on the freeway ramp heading north, starting to drive down it. He seemed a bit confused, because when he didn't see me come out from under the underpass, he pulled off the ramp to let other cars pass. He then took off on the freeway going north. That's the last I saw of him. Perhaps he was waiting further up the road at another exit that I never went past :)

Next time they follow with a PI, I WILL take them to the Celeb Center.

- Brent

Words of a new favorite singer/composer:
"In my dreams it always seemed to get better.
Dreams are all you get for free"

If anyone wants to sell you dreams for half a mil, RUN!


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