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2 Sep 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

Part 2, Wed

After taping the picket dance and playing with Frank, I found I was low on videotape. So I didn't picket gold base again on my way back to Ida's after leaving Arel at the Ontario airport. When I got back, Kim S., one of Graham's lawyers in Hurtado, called me about delaying the ex parte hearing on a protective order that was set for Thursday morning. Seems that Moxon and Kobrin had nobody in town to attend a court hearing the next morning (not true as we will see later).

I told her that properly Moxon had to call me. I headed out again, found they were using a green car this time (it was a white one in the morning), chased a PI (Frank?) around a block and headed off on an errand out to the east side of Hemet. Moxon called me on my cell phone with Kim S. on a three way. Moxon insisted that they could not get someone to the hearing in the morning and imposed a date of September 15 at 8:30 on the protective order hearing, and then going straight from the hearing into deposition. He threatened sanctions if I didn't agree to the delay.

I countered that I expected a rational court to deny letting them depose me at all, after all, I don't know anything first hand about Hurtado and precious little second hand. If the court ruled that way, I could save a trip down here on the 15th. Moxon absolutely insisted that there be a full hearing on the motion. There was a tedious discussion of what court clerks could or could not do in terms of telling people how the process worked (I would have been happy for the judge to rule on the papers without a hearing, but the clerk told me to show up Thursday morning-which meant by this time I had long missed my flight). Eventually Moxon said he had to know within an hour and a half. I told him I would check with people if what he was doing was legit and get back to him or leave a message with Kim.

At that point, I told Moxon that I would be "out picketing again because I got stuck here because of this hearing. So I will be out there picketing them over the fact they killed your daughter in that transformer vault." (A true statement even if it was only gross negligence from not replacing the manhole bolts.)

Over the phone, with Kim on the line, Moxon called me a liar (and a string of other epitaphs). To determine why he was calling me a liar I asked:

"Hey, she's not dead? She didn't die in the transformer vault?"

Much later I got in edgewise, "Hey, how *did* she die?"

I only have my end of the conversation on tape. But it is clear Kendrick totally lost it, while I am not stressed and made no threats.

I don't know what Moxon paid scientology to get his reactive mind removed, but he should definitely get a refund. As Kim S. put it in her motion the next day, "More importantly, there is a serious question whether counsel and the deponent will come to blows." And in her declaration supporting the motion, she stated:

"Mr. Moxon indicated he intended to question Mr. Henson, who I understand is an engineer by training regarding Mr. Berry's competence as an attorney. [Rosen has already tried this, trying to get me to DA Graham--hkh] He also stated that he intended to question Mr. Henson regarding his alleged pedophilia claiming that there are public records "establishing" this is so. However, it appears that such allegations arise out of Mr. Henson's divorce over 20 years ago.

As a result of these and other comments made by Mr. Moxon, as well as the lengthy; history among Mr. Henson, Mr. Moxon and Mr. Hurtado [I think she meant Berry-hkh] involving numerous lawsuits, I believe the deposition will go on for days regarding matters which are irrelevant, inadmissible and unduly embarrassing and harassing to my client. This will drive up the cost of defense by thousands of dollars. More importantly, based on a conference call among Mr. Moxon, myself and Mr. Henson, I am gravely concerned about Mr. Moxon's and Mr. Henson's ability to maintain any professional demeanor during the deposition process and indeed, given the threatening statements during the telephone call, if the deposition proceeds, I believe it is imperative that a referee be present to control the deposition."

True to what I told Kendrick Moxon, I was out at gold base picketing with the "What Happened to Stacy Moxon Meyer?" sign by about 12:25. Edwin Richardson came out to walk with me, but this time it was *total* silence from him.

This time I parked on the east end where (*) could see me from his new house. Using (I think) almost all contractor help, they have been making progress on the sea org housing on the south side of the road. If they keep enough contractors on it, they might get it done by the target date of December. I had never thought about it before, but Miscavige can look down from his 40,000 square foot mansion over the sea org serf housing where they will be packed a dozen to the room. If scientology goes down, tours of the mansion and the surf housing might become a local industry, much like those of the former Shaker communities.

There were very few people out and around. I noted that the trench behind the curb on the west end has not been filled in, and the sign which should say "no trespassing" was still blank. When I got there, the west plaza was completely deserted, not even the cat. One change, there is now a pallet of sacks of cement blocking the side of the road next to where the wheelbarrow was abandoned. Something serious must be in the works, because there were about 70 sacks on the pallet. The summer flowers on the west end have mostly died. It will be interesting to see if they get replaced.

I think I mentioned this already. They have done a fair job on the south side, but the weeds on the north side right next to the road are 5 feet tall. The weeds are amazing. There is even some native tobacco plants coming up. These look a little like a rubber plant. However, don't ever try to smoke it! (Ask me why if you wish.) No bird noises at all near the ship. Two of the trees they planted over the east underpass have died (more plant abuse).

Once Richardson put the camera on two guys who were stuffing cardboard into a recycle truck. As I approached the plaza I could see light traffic on it, which dried up as I came over it. They must have an amazing traffic control set up to minimize seeing an SP.

One of funniest things was two guys who were hiding behind a van, but I could see their *feet*! Sometimes they were pointed toward me and other times away. It was astonishing that *adults* would act in a way more appropriate to small children playing an incompetent game of hide and seek. I stayed there for a long time because I got a phone call from Arel who was back home. I think I could have stayed there all day and these two guys would have stayed behind the van with their feet showing.

I had put in more than an hour by this time and was a day behind in doing reports so I packed it in (after a scare from having left my keys in the trunk of my car).

The rest of the day I wrote up the *previous* day's picket report, and drove over to Graham's that evening. This is being written Friday--which puts me only one day behind in my reports. (I skipped picketing entirely today so I could catch up on the "paperwork."

Keith Henson,
Reporting from the downright weird Hemet front.


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