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2 Sep 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>


Los Angeles, Ca.

It was an unusual morning on August 31, 2000. The city was shrouded with clouds. Over Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles was a stretch of bright white billowy clouds pierced by brilliant beams of yellow tinged light. The day had begun on a wonderful note with the receipt of a list of breath-taking sanctions and other punitive orders against Samuel D. Rosen, Esq., and Moxon & Kobrin. It is an excellent example of "crim-mind" in the Church of Scientology: accuse others of what you are engaging in yourself. By 8:30 a.m., Keith Henson was appearing with my attorney in the scientology-OSA solicited, sponsored and perjurious case of Hurtado v. Berry. Meanwhile, I was appearing outside the scientology-OSA and RTC offices at 6331 Hollywood Boulevard. I was bearing glad tidings of joy with a picket sign reading, " RTC Squirrels! Compare old and new books. www.xenu.net" and on the reverse, "Scientology: Makes the able into the addled. www.xenu.net." It was a day for RTC and OSA to remember.

I was strolling the sidewalk outside the OSA and RTC offices. Across the street, behind the new Sea Organization building, a group of very young teenagers (aged approx. 12-15 years) were doing hard construction labor under a woman's direction. Why should enterprises with religious facades, or even legitimate churches, be exempted from the child labor, minimum wage and other laws? Why especially scientology where the words "religious" and "volunteer" are mutually exclusive? Passers-by were chatting with me and some were accepting Xenu flyers. OSA responded by handing out a new and as defamatory as their previous DA leaflet on me. When I received a copy I read it and looked up and into the surveillance camera while I laughed heartily. Its analysis and rebuttal will be the subject of a separate letter for your reading pleasure, and by the same token for scientology's displeasure. How and why OSA constantly aggravates its potential liability to me, along with Moxon & Kobrin, Paquette, Abelson, Wager, Ingram, Hurtado and others, I shall never understand. A Wall Street Journal editorial commented that Judge Whyte had, "stood copyright law on its head," in the RTC v. Henson case. Scientology has the para-legals directing the lawyers!

At about 10:00 a.m. Keith Henson arrived. He was armed with his usual picket sign and a heavy supply of Xenu flyers. He was going to carry his message to the growing audience. I, however, drove off to "big blue" with another "tail" following me. Like last night's two tails, before I reached my destination I had managed to lose them. I entered L. Ron Hubbard Way from the Sunset Boulevard end and I strolled down the American St. Hill side of the street towards Fountain Avenue. In the two to three minutes that I took to reach Fountain, Base Security had L. Ron Hubbard Way "clear", at least of OTs, BTs and Clusters, but not of SPs! They kept it that way for the next two hours. (God only knows why! Well, perhaps DM too, although he certainly has little or nothing in common with the Deity.)

I was principally stationed on the very southwest corner of Fountain and L. Ron Hubbard Way, just down from the PAC Base cafeteria. Eleven overt security personal kept me, my paper sign and my flyers under constant scrutiny. The usual "coverts" could occasionally be seen slipping back behind a pillar or curtain with cameras in hand. None of them realized that I had our new, and soon to be unveiled EV equipment with me. It will be such a nightmare for the clams after it debuts in all of its colorful splendor.

Despite the solitude of "Clear Street", the business of scientology kept grinding down to 2 p.m. and "stats". Staffers and Publics were kept off L.Ron Hubbard Way. They had to file down the alleyway between AOLA and Bridge, when given the "all clear" from security. Passers-by received Xenu flyers. Base security quickly talked them off the recipients and substituted the new DA flyer on me. Not smart, guys! By arrangement I called Keith Henson at noon. There was no answer for twenty minutes. "Oh Gaud," I thought. Maybe they have kidnapped Keith now. After all, the goons had threatened to kidnap his daughter. With that I wandered back up L. Ron Hubbard Way, my own little honor patrol following along on both sides of the street, and drove back to the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition Building, headquarters of the dreaded OSA. As my client, former OSA lawyer Joe Yanny once put it. "What nice, peaceful and law abiding church needs an intelligence organization anyway?"

Ironically, the L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibition Building is opposite the Museum of Death in Hollywood. It was on that corner that I found Keith Henson. Immediately I saw why he had not answered my cell phone calls. He was having far too much fun surrounded by a throng of passers-by. A Spanish-language radio station was interviewing him as he handed out Xenu flyers and bantered with the good people. Keith's shadow, in the form of Ed Richardson, was videotaping the busy little scene. Initially, I carried the same picket sign as I had all morning. Then I noticed the RTC/OSA surveillance cameras swiveling and monitoring our every move. "Aha! Direct feed video. We are Poodle Boy's afternoon soap opera, again. "He must be having quite a giggle over our popularity. In contrast to the low popularity of Scientology with its neighbours," I mused. Wanting to give the security camera audience some variety, I changed picket signs. Now I carried a sign which read on the one side "Scientology: Church of Fair Game" and on the other side "LRH died on Psych Drugs". In that regard, it amazes me that every day at least several people come up and mention L. Ron Hubbard's fascination with Alistair Crowley and his Black Magic work with Jack Parsons in Pasadena in the late 1940s. Today a passer-by even talked of Hubbard's plagiarism in his writings.

Meanwhile, opposite our soap-box-corner stood the might of RTC and OSA. One solitary SO staffer was posted on the corner. All staffers were slinking through the Invar Street side door. William Drescher, an OSA lawyer, wandered through the main entrance. In 1992 he testified that scientology paid him over $500,000 per year. Another one time rising OSA legal star, Elliot Abelson, also walked by. He had foolishly just associated into the Hurtado v. Berry case as co-counsel with another fallen scientology legal star, Rick Moxon. Further up Ivar Street was a SUV surveillance vehicle. Passers-by seemed amused at The Power of Two to clear the scientology riff raff off the streets of Hollywood. As we ran out of Xenu flyers we called it a day, at 1:15 p.m. for Keith Henson to picket some more at Hemet and for me to associate with more SPs and 1:1s. Thus, RTC/OSA had another morning to remember, until the next time.

To Be Continued..


Graham Berry


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