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3 Sep 2000

Veritas_Veritas <Veritas_Veritas_member@newsguy.com>

I see that Randy MacDonald has ridden the poor little mail box in the desert back onto a.r.s. Randy and the mailbox have obviously been in the sun too long.

Don't you just love those tax beater sovereign citizens -like Randy- and their great conspiracy theories? Funny stuff coming from Randy and his hallucinatory Public Research Foundation.

Hey, Randy, where is the mailbox for the PRF these days? In the bathroom of the Greyhound Bus station in Reno, Nevada?


P.S. Though I do have to thank you Randy because you implicated yourself very nicely in that post some folks who have been investigating you will find it enlightening and exactly what they needed.

P.S.S. Mitchell got bounced from the Appeals Court 31 Aug 2000 - his appeal roundly and soundly rejected. Poor old Mitchell and Randy - of course Randy the ultimate coward never did sign onto Mitchell's suit. Randy, you are a gutless wonder.

And no wonder. Poor old Mitchell hit the judges with some great lines like there a two United States of America.

But in a way this makes sense - this "two United States" -and Randy after spending so much time in the Nevada sun with the poor little mailbox -it might just be that he is seeing double. Bahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

But let us review the great Mitchell suit. Of course, the suit was a charade from the beginning. See, there is this convicted pedophile named Thomas Maxwell - a friend and guiding light behind Randy MacDonald and Stephen Mitchell. His conviction came about for the molestation of an infant female. Pretty hideous stuff but true and thoroughly documented.

Seems that there are more than a few child molesters amongst the people who want to extort money.

In any event, Mitchell brought this suit- but oddly would never prosecute the case in a sane manner. With Maxwell's guidance he refused to provide discovery. He got killed for this. Usually, it is the defendant that dances around on discovery to avoid getting nailed but in this instance Mitchell killed his own case - the criminal mind clearly at work here.

Yet the truth is the Mitchell/Maxwell/MacDonald case was a charade. The real case was to get Maxwell's sovereign citizen non-sense recognized by the court - to get just one iddy biddy piece of sovereign citizen language accepted in writing as part of a pleading or motion or some such other legal document.

The court of course refused to countenance such happy horse pucky but like the nut he is Mitchell persisted until the bitter end trying to use his trumped up suit as a vehicle to get Maxwell the pedophiles sovereign citizen agenda accepted in some part by a court.

Perhaps, it is worthwhile collecting all the documentation in that case and putting it up on the web. Perhaps, even a.r.s. deadheads are bright enough to see through the Randy MacDonald nonsense. If any a.r.s. poster ever backed the hope of Mitchell winning his suit, he or she is dumber that than convicted felon and child molester Thomas Maxwell.

To end: Mitchell would have been happy to win the case, as he was banking very heavily on making millions and pushing Maxwell's sovereign citizen into the record. But alas, he did not study thoroughly enough the history regarding those who wish to extort money.

So Randy, I hope you are not doing perverted things to that little mailbox - its real owner was very upset that you had conspired to defraud people through the US mails. The US Postal Service will bring charges if anyone sent Randy money via that little mailbox when it was in the Nevada desert. And wherever the PRF is situated these days - Greyhound Bus Lines has many bathrooms in Tennessee and Nevada - it's just as phony as it ever was.

But it pleases me no end that a.r.s. regulars buy into Randy's nonsense. My suggestion to all of you is this: investigate every thing he says and spend lots of time and money doing it. Lots and lots of time and money. Please, Please, Please, do so.

Randy, better pack a toothbrush and fifi. Leavenworth is waiting.

Sincerely yours,

Veritas Veritas


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