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03 Sep 2000

realpch <realpch@aol.com>

SF Picket Report, Saturday August 2, 2000

It looked like rain, and then it didn't. It was a pretty good day for a picket of the San Francisco Scientology Org.

Jour and I got there on time, for a change, at 12 o'clock. In short order, we were joined by Murdoch and Aaron.

Not too much out of the ordinary occurred. A Scientologist played his guitar in front of the Org for quite awhile, which was pleasant, although I couldn't hear him from the approved picketing space. The building which houses the Org is triangular shaped, and there is a large triangle of pavement in front, which we have been warned to stay off by Scientologists on previous occasions. At some point, the Org summoned a policeman because a member had complained of over enthusiastic dialogue by Murdoch. The policeman told us we were doing fine, and to continue as we were. Oh yes, there was also an unpleasant encounter between myself and a drunken man. He was very eager for conversation, and when I informed him that I was not, he went on to discuss his exploits during the Vietnam War (he looked too young for it), and to mention that he intended to kill me. When Jour and I discussed calling the police, he travelled along to find someone else to entertain.

Jour's house may have been revenge picketed, as she saw "her" "bigot" signs being loaded into a car, which contained a child who gave her the finger! I figured that I might find a "Religious Bigot" flyer or two at my house when I got home, but I didn't see any. Perhaps the volunteer pool of home picketers was depleted by the long weekend. We also didn't see Jeff Quiros, resident OSA fellow who usually shows up to take our pictures. Some other person from the Org had to perform that chore.

I had a couple of extended chats with people who were pretty well informed on the subject of the Church of Scientology, having had contact with same, got the usual run of horn honks and thumbs ups from drivers, and got fairly worn out, as our new pickers Murdoch and Aaron were ready for another round of picketing after our lunch break. Phr participated in this second pass, which lasted until 4 pm.

The Stress Test Table hadn't made an appearance, and the word was that it had relocated to Union Square. Murdoch and Adam were willing to go find it, so a ride was provided for them.

It was the usual run of our pickets. Quiet, cheerful. If you read these picket reports of mine, you know what we were all probably wearing, except I wish you could have been there to see Phi's new hawaiian shirt.



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