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03 Sep 2000

indanm@aol.com (Indanm)

Ron Norton is currently to my knowledge the Commadning Officer at the middle Management building on Hollywood Blvd.

Previously he was the Commanding Officer at the CLO in the UK and before that, he was the Commanding Officer at Flag in CW, Florida.

He is the architypical Sea Org executive in that he thinks and behaves like old Elron himself. He struts around surrounded by his communicator and subordinates. When he was at Flag, he drove around in a Corvette which he financed by taking reg commissions himself. Although he was finally ordered to get rid of the corvette, he still brags about how he used to race it around the streets of CW.

He beats up staff members if he gets really pissed off. On one occasion he violently shoved a staff member into some file cabinets because the water at the Management Building was turned off due to non-payment of bills.

He would brag about how he could beat up anyone he wanted to.

He kept his communicator who was a minor up late every single night and didn't allow her to go to school.

He would refer to anyone who wanted to leave as DBs (degraded beings) and would ask one of them regulalry "are you still a DB?" meaning did he still want to leave the Sea Org.

A lot of people in the Sea Org are victims. However some are truly mean people who are there for the power. Ron Norton is one of them.

Anyone else deal with Ron Norton? I invite you to post your experiences with him.

Maybe he'll get in trouble for 'pulling in' a posting on ARS.


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