Scientology Crime Syndicate

03 Sep 2000

indanm@aol.com (Indanm)

Jeff Porter who is to my knowledge the International Security Chief at the Cof$ deserves to be mentioned on ARS.

If anyone else has dealt with him, I invite you to post your experiences. I am sure none are good.

He is known for being very nasty, getting in peoples' faces, holding them down, spitting at them. Screaming at people when he gets pissed, reducing them to tears, etc. Definitely a prime candidate for a lawsuit claiming harrassment.

He loves to label people SPs and order comm evs done on those he dislikes. He loves to threaten with SP declares to keep people 'under control'.

To say he pushes his weight around is putting it very lightly. He apparently used to be a cop, but would have been better suited as a Nazi. He sure looks the part.


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