Scientology Crime Syndicate

04 Sep 2000

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If you asked a Scientologist, even one of many years standing how much money Scientology has, what it is being spent on and what reserves are in the bank all you would get is a blank look. None of them would have any idea of the amount of money the little leader has tucked away in his various personal accounts nor how much he keeps in his office safe (he has one in his house too) or how wisely or unwisely he has invested these financial resources. There is no real accounting except for what is done to fool the IRS. Perhaps David himself does not even know where all the loot is due to their unholy bad record keeping. Don't worry, he and the others have at the top have put enough "exit money" aside. The word "theft" is almost too mild.

What else would you expect from a man who never finished high school and does not even have a drivers license? If you don't believe me about the drivers license go pay $50.00 to a P.I. and find out for yourself.

All dictatorships are corrupt by their very nature and the RTC is no exception to this rule. Not by a long shot. The truth of the matter extends beyond David though, there is not one of the RTC members who are not implicated in one crime or another. The top officers of the other fronts, like IAS and AS are almost as bad. There is not one worth keeping and the higher up you go the worse it gets.

So many are deluded into thinking that the once they get higher up in the ranks that they will then find the "real" Scientology. Fools they are, there are NO Scientologists at the top of Scientology. That died when Bill Franks got the axe.

In this case it is not a matter of "finding out who you are" now it becomes "do you know where the money is?"



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