Scientology Crime Syndicate

04 Sep 2000
Fredric L. Rice

It's interesting to see so many Scientologists try to demand that the Battlefield Earth movie -- made from the book of the same title written by the cult's mad messiah L. Ron Hubbard -- has nothing to do with Scientology. Utter claptrap!

Not only did L. Ron Hubbard write the horrible book from which this movie was based, and not only is John Travolta one of the cult's more deluded followers, but Author Services Inc. which backed the deal -- and sought revenues from dolls and other "action figures" based on the movie -- is a Scientology front company responsible for publishing _all_ of their mad messiah's insane claptrap.

If the horrible book some how managed to make a good movie, the Scientology cult would be dancing in the streets and telling everyone that its success was due to Scientology. Since it's such a hideous movie with _zero_ redeming value, the cult has tried to distance itself from the disaster. After all, look at what Scientology has done to John Travolta's judgement.


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