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05 Sep 2000


On a recent trip to Clearwater, I decided that it would be worthwhile to take a walk around downtown and see some of the sights. I was shocked to learn that public sidewalk no longer means Public, but means sidewalk where you can be harrassed. Twice, while walking around the Ft. Harrison hotel, I was accosted by what I can only guess were rent-a-cops. These rebels without a clue first told me that I couldn't walk along the sidewalk in front of the hotel. Upon a visit to the rear of the hotel, I was approached and asked why I was standing there. Now, quite frankly, I was speechless. What possible business was that of his. He continued to query me, asking whether I intended to visit other properties. I again was speechless. I've visited places all over the world, and even accidentally have walked into an employees area in a theme park and not been treated with such completely assinine behavior. I continued to walk on, not saying much, but it strikes me that there is something wrong with a place that has so damn many cameras up and accosts complete strangers and asks for their name and why they are there.

There is something fundamentally flawed with any organization that has such a profound dilike of outsiders. Just the opinion of a tourist over the summer.


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