Scientology Crime Syndicate

6 Sep 2000

Keith Henson <hkhenson@netcom3.netcom.com>

I was in San Jose for other reasons today so the org on Bascum got a token ten minute picket. One guy came out and took a photo. I started telling him OT3 and he went back inside with fingers in ears.

Sorry, I am behind on reports for two pickets of gold base on Sat and one on Sunday. In summary, Ed is still not speaking--I am not sure if them silencing him bothers me more than his nattering at me. Two or three people stopped, including one who is a minister and in interested in taking an activist stand against them.

They had only one PI on me Sunday afternoon, so I lost him after a little bit of chasing about the neighborhood to get some good video. From what Ida tells me, they didn't realize I was gone for well over a day. Had even more PIs in her neighborhood than normal.

Keith Henson


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