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11 Sep 2000

"AndroidCat www.xenu.net" <androidcat99@hotmail.com>

Three picketers -- Gregg, Nan, and myself.

I handed out over a hundred "Human Costs" / "$cientology Costs a Mint" Gregg and Nan did more of "The Story of Xenu" and something else.

I arrived just before 10am. Gregg was talking to the officer. The handlers bounced up from their seats at Coffee Time across the street (love in a canoe coffee). We were going to fetch the letter that details Co$'s usual tactics during a picket for the officer. We came back with the letter. The handlers bounced up from their Coffee Time seats. We left for breakfast and coffee. We returned. Handlers, etc. We left to get the signs and leaflets. We returned. After five minutes, they realized that we were actually picketing and got out of their seats.

First up to bat for $cientology on the morning roster were Brian, Andy and Dan. Brian and Andy tried the "why are you here?" question on me, while Dan concentrated on Gregg (same question).

Andy did a bit of switch-hitting between Gregg and myself.

Brian tried the "I have never lied to you before" tactic to claim that he wasn't OSA, nobody in Toronto was OSA, in fact -- when he has definitely lied to me. (Great Ghu, do you think the "Somebody you trust is one of us" shirt merely a joke?) He did claim that there were 100 staff in Toronto, and hundreds more on course. When I asked which doors they used he got kind of vague. Which is a pity because we've never seen them enter or leave the building.

They must use them OT powerz to be invisabule!

Let's see, Brian tried the "why are you here, why are you picketing, what would get you to stop", and Andy tried it. I think Dan tried it too. Hello, talk about your "script-kiddies"! The same questions with the same words? After lunch, another one on the afternoon shift did it again with exactly the same words. AIEE! (I've heard that they rehearse the conversations beforehand. Too bad if I didn't cooperate but nobody gave me a script, sorry! I want at least 24 hours and at least ACTRA scale. Oh, and I want the out-takes from whomever plays me in the rehearsals.)

Just before we broke for lunch, Nan showed up. Always a pleasure! Charming to talk to, and she pickets like five -- although I think some of the newer Co$ members don't know about her. And since she is under a restraining order to not talk about $cientology, there's still lots that I don't know. (Sources close to Nan hint that it's quite a story.)

At lunch, lots of things were discussed. Kaeli and Zeratul buzzed in.

Our usual Co$ shadow at the Artful Dodger was there. (He had wine and a salad as usual. No auditine for him for the next few days!)

After lunch, Nan picketed for at least an hour. (Places to be, descendants to visit.) Oddly enough, criminally convicted old-timers of Co$ stayed out of sight while she was there.

The only member who stayed the whole day was Brian. (Who assures me that he isn't OSA -- and he's "never lied to me". Sh'yeah, right!) He disavowed any knowledge of Peter Ramsay.

Gregg said that saw some SeaOrg uniformed people before the picket. I saw a woman in a bluish uniform with Sargent stripes and a rocker on top. (Only on the right sleeve.)

At 4pm or so, we left. Must Have Beer! More was discussed. Alan arrived. More was discussed.

Hmm... Paulette aka Harridan was there, so what? Semi-Baldy was there, but didn't want to have a dialog, just shout.

Apparently Co$ sent out a couple of neos to face the sign at Gregg's house of "This family is being harassed by members of what is called the 'church' of Scientology" -- Not exactly what it said, but close enough. I hear that Gregg's neighbors have sprinkler tech down to a science -- camera tech too!

Strangely enough, the main word of the day was "destroy". Semi-Baldy kept going on about "You want to destroy religion". Thinking back, most of the handling attempts used the word "destroy" at least once.

Destroy... Hmm. I'd say that they are worried about something. "Destroy", what could that mean in relation to the Toronto Org?

Ron of that ilk.


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