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10 Sep 2000

cultxpt@primenet.com (Jeff Jacobsen)

I've noticed Scientology's growing fear of the outside world. Comparisons from consecutive annual pickets here show more and more security consciousness, while all around their properties nobody else seems to perceive any need for more security.

There are photos from different years that show this. The north gate at the Ft. Harrison Hotel used to be an open grated type metal thing that you could look through. Now that gate is heavy solid metal.

There are way more security cameras at Scientology properties. There are now motion sensors completely around both the Ft. Harrison hotel and the Hacienda Gardens. I've taken people on tours just walking by the front of the Ft. Harrison, and the guards tells us (though we have not even looked at him) to get off the sidewalk!!!

Security guards watch us LMT staff constantly. When we leave, the security guy on Watterson St. immediately gets on his cell phone and lets his boss know. I am often followed by a PI from work and sometimes from home.

When we picket, staff are immediately routed around us so there is no possible contact between the messages on our signs and Scientologists.

This paranoia is growing imho, and this is a terrible warning sign. Let me explain with an example:

An all-black congregation moved from Chicago to the Promised Land of Miracle Valley Arizona, where the drunkard preacher AA Allan had set up a Bible College in the 60's I think. This Chicago church was headed by Mother Thomas, and her son was her right hand man.

At first things went well in this rural community, and the old-timers living there welcomed the newcomers. Gradually, though, the church membes began displaying insecurity about their neighbors, most of whom had lived around there their entire lives. Church members began setting up roadblocks on the highways where most traffic was simply people who lived around there. They would stop a car and ask why they were in the neighborhood ("I live here you idiots!"). The residents called the sheriff, who tried to smooth things out. The sheriff even set up a deputy post near the church.

Things kept getting worse and worse. Even the Governor sent a team of negotiators to straighten out the tension. Jesse Jackson visited.

Some forboding things started to happen: some deputies went to the high school to arrest one of the church members on an oustanding warrant. Other church members there attacked the deputies and beat them with their own nightsticks. One night a van with 2 church members was heading toward Benson where one of their members was being held in jail. A bomb on the lap of the passenger blew up on the way. Another bomb was found in the back of the van. Speculation was that they were going to blow a hole in the jail to get their friend out.

Anyway, it came to a head one day when deputies came to church to arrest one of the members on an outsdanding warrant. Church members resisted as usual with baseball bats and threats of a shootout. Backup deputies were called and a shootout indeed began. If I recall correctly, 2 deputies were killed and 2 church members, including Mother Thomas' right hand man, her son, who allegedly started shooting first.

Lawsuits flew. The church moved back to Chicago. Big mess. And why???? Because Mother thomas was paranoid of her neighbors. Paranoia is a dangerous thing.

I would implore Scientologists to look around and see if I'm not telling the truth about David Miscavige's paranoia. Why all the security cameras, motion sensors, security guards, fear of staff even SEEING a picket sign? Why does the Ft. Harrison Hotel have about 10 security cameras, motion sensors, and guards, while the Presbyterian church right next door has NONE of these things???? What's the difference????

Aren't Scientologists supposed to be able to confront anything? Yet DM has them ducking for cover just at the sight of ONE PICKETER!!! Is this the end product of Scientology training?

Paranoia, as in the case in Arizona, can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. There was no problem with their neighbors until Mother Thomas moved to Arizona and began instilling fear and xenophobia in her members. Her unjustified fears created a reign of fear and distrust in the community that led to conflict and destruction. It was unjustified in Arizona and it's unjustified in Scientology.

Consider the recent pickets here in Clearwater. Who was attacking whom? Look at the videos on lisatrust.net and you'll see Scientologists attacking picketers, not vice versa! Us picketers follow Gandhi Tech, as DM very well knows. So why has he set his minions to attack us??? What does he fear so much? And why are Scientologists so willing to go along with his deluded fears?

I hope calmer heads in Scientology will see this and stop these paranoia-induced actions. Only bad can come from it.

When a Scientology staffer used a syringe to force a mixture of aspirin, Benadryl and orange juice into McPherson's throat while others held her down, it was "spiritual sustenance," the church argues.


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