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12 Sep 2000

Edmonton Entheta <edmontonentheta@powersurfr.com>

Picket Report
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Sept. 9, 2000
Picketers: Gerry Armstrong,, John Brownlee, Reg Taylor, Darlene Taylor,
Shane Wilson

This was a surprise picket, and they certainly were not expecting us, as the first sign of life we saw was a lone young man outside having a smoke. Turns out it was his first time there and he was taking the personality test. Once the Scientologists realized he was there, somebody came out and ushered him inside. He did come back out later and told us what a bunch of bullshit he thought the personality test and Orientation film was. I think it's safe to say he will not be back.

We had arrived at about 11:30 AM, and it would appear that a good portion of the people there were out for lunch, as the place was nearly deserted. But phone calls were made and soon people started showing up. However, everyone just walked past us and into the org without saying a word. After a while though, Deborah Jurt, the DSA arrived and had an exchange with Gerry, as well as taking all of our pictures. Of course she brought up his warrant in California, and as she walked back into the org she said "have you talked about your pig letter with these people? I bet they'd be interested in that one Gerry."

At one point early in the picket, a police car drove past and stopped. The officer asked us what we were protesting. We told him, and he said, "oh, ok, have fun". A little later another police car came. The clams had complained that we were blocking the sidewalk, which was hilarious, as we certainly were not. The officer told us that there was no problem with us picketing, but we had to keep moving. Then she went inside and talked to the DSA for a minute. Deborah was apparently showing the officer pictures of us taken at previous events, and dead agenting no doubt. Then the officer came out, thanked us, and left.

After that, Deborah kept an eye on us out the window, and everytime we stopped moving for a minute, she came out and reminded us to keep moving or she'd call the police back. At one point, a guy on a bike stopped to talk to us. He didn't know much about Scientology, but he knew it was a cult and he had a friend who had joined a different cult, so he was quite interested in what we had to say. Deborah came out and tried to tell us that we were not allowed to stop people on the sidewalk! The guy told her "fuck you, this is a private conversation." He then got his picture taken, of course. He stayed and talked to us for quite a long time.

We had several other people stop and talk to us and express their support. Several people honked as they drove past as well.

After while, 3 OT's came outside and sat on the step outside the door, Andre Jurt (the DSA's husband), Gill, and Theresa. Rebecca Brownlee came out briefly as well. Gill and Theresa didn't talk to us, but Andre did a bit. He didnšt want to talk Gerry though, he said it was because Gerry was declared and it would be against policy. He did break down and talk to Gerry a bit, as well as Reg, who has not yet been declared.

Around 4:30 or so the weather started getting pretty nasty, so the Scientologists went inside, and we called it a day.

For pictures and video, check out http://www.geocities.com/edmontonentheta


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