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12 Sep 2000

Here is a letter written in May to the Vice President (Academic) of the University of Alberta by the Deborah Jurt, the Scientology Director of Special Affairs at the Edmonton Org. Also included is the reply to Ms. Jurt from Mr. Owram.

Dr. Doug Owram
Vice President (Academic)
University of Alberta
3-12 university Hall
Edmonton, AB T6G 2H4

May 10, 2000

Dear Dr. Owram,

After speaking with Diana, your assistant, I have been made aware of your hectic schedule. Therefor I am attaching documents regarding the matter of Professor Stephen Kent that the Church offical, Al Buttnor and myself have discussed with you.

Professor Kent was in Germany again this year meeting with the media and continuing to forment intolerance against Scientology in Germany. Several media articles are included regarding his trip.

Most recently in the Lisa mcPherson court case in Clearwater, Florida, Stephen Kent filed an affidavit with the courts to appear as a witness on this case. Professor Kent states on page 13 that "Scientology is not for all purposes a religion, since key components of Hubbard's writings addressed secular issues...".

In November of 1999, Stephen Kent filed an affidavit for the plaintiff in the case of Animal Medical Centre and provides his "expert" testimony regarding the Church of Scientology. On the first page Professor Kent states that he "will identify religious elements in what is supposed to be secular learning material." Professor Kent appears to present his "expert" advice in such a way to suit whomever he is testifying for.

What is most shocking is the huge sums of money that Stephen Kent charged for this "expertise". For the last affidavit he charged $200 per hour (U.S) for 109 hours (page 19). This is US $21,600. On the Lisa McPherson affidavit he charged 55 hours at $200 an hour - US $11,000.

The Reply Memorandum of Law written in support of Motion of Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization clearly explains how the Kent "expert" affidavit "has so many legal, factual, and intellectual flaws that it could be subject of an entire lengthy brief. I have also enclosed this documentation for you to read.

The Church of Scientology of Alberta is continuing to support and contribute to the community activities in Edmonton and in March was involved in the Interfaith Prayer Service at City Hall for the Day of the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. This was most uplifting and spiritual if you did not have a chance to attend this special occasion.

As Well our Drug Free Marshals, our Church youth group that promotes a drug free life, have been involved in Spring Cleanup activities in the Downtown area as well as many other community endeavors.

I look forward to meeting with you regarding these issues and await your reply.

Deborah Jurt
Director of Special Affairs

cc: Chancellor Lois Hole, University of Alberta


And here is the reply from the University ....

June 1, 2000

Deborah Jurt
Director of Special Affairs
Church of Scientology of Alberta
10206 106 St.
Edmonton, AB
T5J 1H7

Dear Ms. Jurt:

I am responding to your 10 May letter to me regarding Professor Stephen Kent. I apologize for the delay in my response, however, I was out of the country during the first part of May, and am now in the process of dealing with all of the issues.

At a University, academic freedom is a principle that is strongly valued. As a faculty member at the University of Alberta, Dr. Kent is free to pursue a legitimate research subject. Responsibilities for faculty members include participation in research and the dissemination of the results of the research by means appropriate to the discipline. In addition, faculty members are responsible to provide services in the members' discipline and the disseminate knowledge to the general public by making expertise and knowledge available.

I must also add that faculty members are entitled to pursue supplementary professional activities and receive the appropriate remuneration for the professional activities.

Again, thank you for your recent correspondence.

Yourse sincerely
Doug Owram
Vice President (Academic) and Provost

CC: Chancellor Louis Hole


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